Fiona Barnett is BACK! Read Her New Book HERE!

Fiona had made a promise to one day write a book about her life.  She kept her word!  Her book is out and it is called “Eyes Wide Open”.  She is offering this Ebook for FREE.  Please download it, read it, share it and host it anywhere you like – Fiona openly gives her permission. Read her book HERE


Please also watch this great interview with Fiona by Out Of The Gate hostess, Tye Warnick.

Four Others Murdered Over the Jon Benet Ramsey Mystery

This is a very interesting interview with Stephen Shellen, in which he reads to us from his personal journal about when he went to Boulder, Colorado.  He encountered some people who were first hand eye witnesses to some information about the Jon Benet Ramsey  murder from 1996 that has never been released.  In fact, when those people went to authorities to tell them what they saw, they all ended up…  DEAD.

News Report from Jim Regarding More Deaths Surrounding the Jon Benet Ramsey Cold Case From 1996

Jim points out inconsistencies in MSM reporting involving the latest deaths in people surrounding the cold case of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Writer/Director and Producer from No Restrictions Entertainment Discuss Their Latest Film, “A Child’s Voice”

Edgar Bravo and John Paul Rice discuss their latest psychological thriller, A Child’s Voice, which addresses the worldwide epidemic of human trafficking.

You Are Free TV Interviews VL

Morgan Hall from You Are Free TV interviews VL about the recent office break in, censorship and other world events.  There was a lot of technical difficulties during this interview, and the recording on our end was completely corrupted and would not play at all.

Panel Discussion Regarding Youtube Censorship With All of the Biggest Youtubers Before They Were SILENCED and Deleted

Hear the biggest Youtubers discuss how they were censored and stifled by Youtube and how authoritative the internet is becoming.  We are losing our First Amendment rights more and more each day.  Joining VL in this interview is:  Titus Frost, The Liberty Columnist, Dean Ryan, Alex McGowin, Dustin Nemos, Destroying The Illusion, and Lifting The Veil

Part 1

Part 2