The Freedom Revolution

This is the place we will put all of our hints and clues to the unveiling of the Freedom Project we are connected with.  Read a short synopsis of what to expect and tune into our channel to hear new clues every Tuesday.  The videos will be posted to this page.  Use this page as a resource and if you have things you wish to contribute to the project or if you have other questions, contact us at:

This is a MIND BLOWING project that will cost you absolutely NOTHING except exiting the Matrix.  In fact, you will be guaranteed sustainability and security against those who impose against us now.

We at Victurus Libertas have always been all about identifying problems and more importantly – offering solutions!

Last week, out of nowhere, we were contacted by an individual who has the means, the plans, the ideology AND the resources to help us all achieve what we so desperately want and need to do in order to free ourselves from the chains of the federal, state and local governments who have illegally enslaved us.

If you want to break out of the matrix – to break free financially, economically, socially and physically – in all aspects, stay tuned to VL.

We will release various developments that are happening weekly right here  and on our channel.  Every Tuesday a new portion of insight will be released leading up the final unveiling of the project in it’s entirety – which is expected to be completed in early 2018

The revolution is HERE.  How you deal with it is up to you.  You can do nothing and hope for the best, or you can control your own destiny and be a PART of the FREEDOM REVOLUTION!