High-Level Politicians Arrested in HUGE Pedophile Sting


 A GLOBAL PEDOPHILE NETWORK on the Dark Web has been shut down, resulting in THOUSANDS arrested, including “high-level politicians”, entertainers, white collar professionals and high-ranking clergy members, according to several sources. German prosecutors said Thursday, July 6, that they had shut down a major platform used by “elite pedophiles” for organizing the sexual abuse of […]

Help Us Expose Corruption in CPS Nationwide!


 Would you be willing to help EXPOSE FRAUD in the CPS system? One of my contacts has created a national survey to do just that!  This is a short and easy survey that will help us get the word out and allow us to process, and expose the results!  It is extremely confidential – no one […]

“Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields Through Monitors” Patent US6506148 B2


 Victurus Libertas has taken on a subject that we don’t find many others discussing, and that is the subject of “Targeting”.  An increasingly large group of people may feel that certain other groups are “targeting” them in various ways.  These people who feel they are being targeted are referred to as TI’s, or “targeted individuals”. Some […]