Dow Plunges 1175 Points on 2/5/2018 (666) After Losing 666 points On Friday


 Is this the beginning of a HUGE market correction?. BTW, todays date 02/05/2018 = 18 = 666. Yes, my tinfoil hat is on. Please consider supporting our channel on Patreon Try Zeal For Life – PayPal Donations – email to Website –

BIG BANKS BUSTED For Gold & Silver Price Manipulation, but a MUCH BIGGER Problem Looms


 Three European banks UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC paid a settlement of $46.6 million, and eight individuals were charged, in a U.S. probe into alleged manipulation of the futures and commodities market. This is but a very small example of a MUCH larger issue going on with regards to precious metal price manipulation. Please consider […]

Monsanto – Bayer Merger -NWO Food & Pharmaceuticals


 This is a very important story that need more notice. I believe this merger is a HUGE conflict of interest & is being largely ignored by the MSM. Support VL – PayPal – Try Zeal For Life – Website –

Trey Gowdy “The Boss” Calling It Quits, Will NOT Seek Re-Election


 When the good guys jump ship, it concerns me a bit . South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced Wednesday that he is retiring from Congress at the end of his term, becoming the latest high-profile committee chairman to opt against re-election. Support VL – PayPal […]