Dow Plunges 1175 Points on 2/5/2018 (666) After Losing 666 points On Friday


 Is this the beginning of a HUGE market correction?. BTW, todays date 02/05/2018 = 18 = 666. Yes, my tinfoil hat is on. Please consider supporting our channel on Patreon Try Zeal For Life – PayPal Donations – email to Website –

BIG BANKS BUSTED For Gold & Silver Price Manipulation, but a MUCH BIGGER Problem Looms


 Three European banks UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC paid a settlement of $46.6 million, and eight individuals were charged, in a U.S. probe into alleged manipulation of the futures and commodities market. This is but a very small example of a MUCH larger issue going on with regards to precious metal price manipulation. Please consider […]

Monsanto – Bayer Merger -NWO Food & Pharmaceuticals


 This is a very important story that need more notice. I believe this merger is a HUGE conflict of interest & is being largely ignored by the MSM. Support VL – PayPal – Try Zeal For Life – Website –