#GoogleGestapo 2018 Digital Book Burning Reminiscent Of 1933 Nazi Germany


 On May 10, 1933 student groups at universities across Germany carried out a series of book burnings of works that the students and leading Nazi party members associated with an “un-German spirit.” Enthusiastic crowds witnessed the burning of books by Brecht, Einstein, Freud, Mann and Remarque, among many other well-known intellectuals, scientists and cultural figures […]

Dow Plunges 1175 Points on 2/5/2018 (666) After Losing 666 points On Friday


 Is this the beginning of a HUGE market correction?. BTW, todays date 02/05/2018 = 18 = 666. Yes, my tinfoil hat is on. http://www.businessinsider.com/white-house-reaction-to-dow-jones-sp-500-stock-market-drop-2018-2 Please consider supporting our channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/victuruslib Try Zeal For Life – https://www.zurvita.com/vl/en/us/ PayPal Donations – email to victuruslibertas@gmail.com Website – www.VicturusLibertas.com