This is a new concept that we, at Victurus Libertas are going to put out there and hope it takes off.  We would like to present:  THE BARTER MARKET!

I am presenting it online, as well as in our personal neighborhood.

We are very excited about this idea!  As you may or may not know by now, the economic system in the United States is a “house of cards” to describe it nicely.  Our stock market is expected to collapse any day by many of the world’s top economists’ predictions.  When we use the monetary system in place now, all we do is make the 1% of the elitists even richer.  This is not one of my favorite things to do.  (Some may call me a rebel…)  I’m tired of using fiat money.  I’m tired of making the bankers and elitists richer.  I’m tired of paying taxes on the fake money I do make…  And when this monetary system goes down in flames, how are people going to survive?  They will have to barter, like they did before this monetary system was put into place!  Let’s use this concept NOW!

Please consider signing up for the Victurus Libertas Barter Market.  Here are some general rules for our BARTER MARKET:

  1. No money may be used at all
  2. Sign up for the BARTER MARKET by stating what items and/or services you can offer and then what item and/or service you are looking for
  3. Add your address so we can make a locations map
  4. Add whatever contact information you are comfortable adding so people may contact you

Eventually, we would like to have a set day once a month or even once per week for people from the BARTER MARKET to meet so they can bring their items and meet other BARTER MARKETEERS.

This is a brand new concept and idea, so we are still working out the bugs.  If you have suggestions or would like to contribute to this project, please let us know!  I will also set up a blog so you can post comments.  In the meantime, if you would like to help out with this project, you may email me at:

Thank you all for stopping by.  We hope to see you soon at a live Barter Market!



To find a map of the zip codes where people are participating and find out who is bartering near you,

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Please contact the owner of the service or item you are interested in for any further questions.