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We have the most content on Youtube, but as we all know, their censorship is worse than any other platform, preventing us from telling the complete truth, and every video is a risk that they may delete our channel again, as they did in February of 2018, when we had over 70k subscribers with millions of views.





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We love the look of Daily Motion and they don’t seem to censor so badly, but they only allow us to upload 2 videos per day and the videos must be less than 60 minutes.  Many of our interviews are over an hour long, so not all content can be uploaded to Daily Motion.  But, we would still love to have you follow us on this platform.






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Bitchute has been here for us for a couple of years now.  There is no censorship and we like the look of the platform, but many do not.  It uses Disqus to post comments.  They have recently implemented a new feature allowing notifications for new videos, but there is still no advertising or any way to make any income on this platform, which causes a bit of a struggle for us.

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Twitter is a platform we know we must have a presence, but we don’t really care for that format and we are rarely active on that platform.  We also get shadow banned there HORRIBLY, so it seems almost like a waste of time, but we are there and we would love to have your support there, as well.






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