Back 2 Eden Moisturizing Glycerin Soap

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Our Back 2 Eden Moisturizing Glycerin Soap is the perfect product for you skin to drink up!  The glycerin actually reaches out into the air and grabs onto the moisture, then locks it in for your skin.

3.5 oz bar


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Back 2 Eden Moisturizing Glycerin Soap leaves skin soft and supple.

Our Back 2 Eden moisturizing Glycerin Soap will quickly become a staple next to every sink in your house! It is lovingly homemade with clear organic glycerin, with no additives. Other store-bought soaps can cause irritation, redness, swelling and itching skin because of chemicals, perfumes and other additives used, but our homemade Back 2 Eden  moisturizing Glycerin Soap is free of synthetic chemicals and is all natural and organic.

Why Glycerin?

Doctors, Dermatologists and Allergists even recommend glycerin soap. Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it actually attracts moisture to your skin and keeps it locked in. Back 2 Eden moisturizing Glycerin Soap can help decrease or even completely rid you of acne when you use it as a face wash.

You Should Be Using Glycerin Soap if You:

  • Are a breast cancer patient: If you are a cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment, your doctor may be recommending unscented glycerin soap for you. It is a super-mild, non-irritation soap that is gentle on delicate skin stressed by radiation treatments.  Use an unscented bar if you are undergoing chemotherapy or have allergic or asthmatic sensitivity to fragrance.
  • Have eczema, psoriasis and/or roseacea: Tamarinda customers have reported improvement in these skin conditions after using glycerin soap.
  • Have low Testosterone:  Avoid all personal care products that contain sulfates wherever possible.

This is a vegan product.  None of the ingredients used have been tested on animals.  We never use ingredients with GMO’s.  We can’t wait for you to try our Back 2 Eden moisturizing Glycerin Soap!

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