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Welcome to Back 2 Eden!  All of our products are made by hand, in our kitchen with love, and with the best organic ingredients possible.  We have made these products for our own use for years.  Over the years, we have shared these products, helping to heal many of our family and friends with these very recipes.  Now we are happy to offer these items to our extended family and friends over the internet!  We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.



Back 2 Eden Super Soft Lip Balm    [wp_cart_button name=”Back 2 Eden Lip Balm” price=”3.50″]

$3.50 (FREE shipping!)     .15 ml tube




silver water



Back 2 Eden Homemade Colloidal Silver     [wp_cart_button name=”Back 2 Eden Colloidal Silver Water” price=”18.95″]

$18.95 (FREE shipping!)     4 oz





blue ripple soap

Back 2 Eden Moisturizing Glycerin Soap     [wp_cart_button name=”Back 2 Eden Glycerin Soap” price=”4.50″]

$4.50 (FREE shipping!)     3.5 oz bar




Homemade Kombucha



Back 2 Eden Home”mate” Kombucha     


$5.00 (FREE shipping!)     16 oz jar




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