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Yesterday I had another hard knock.  A reader writing from Wyoming, upset because the State of Wyoming Supreme Court had denied the sovereignty of a man claiming to be a “private citizen”.

What else was the State of Wyoming Supreme Court supposed to do?
Claiming to be a “private citizen” is the same exact kind of oxymoron as claiming to be a “sovereign citizen”.   You cannot be acting in a private capacity and claiming to be a citizen at the same time.
You are either in the Army or out of the Army.  There is no in-between.
So– ask yourself this all-important question:  Am I a citizen?
That is:
  1.  Am I federal employee or dependent?  If so, I am a citizen.
  2.  Am I an African- American?  If so, I am a citizen, but have Equal Civil Rights.
  3.  Am I listed in Title 42 — a political asylum seeker, recent immigrant, or welfare seeker?  If so, I am a citizen.
  4.  Am I consciously, willingly operating “as” a federal corporate franchisee in international commerce?  If so, I am a citizen.
  5.  Was I born in Guam or Puerto Rico or some other legitimate and recognized territory of the United States?

For 90% of Americans, the honest answer to these questions is — hell, no, I am not a “citizen” and never have been, except for a brief stint in the US military.
So why are you all wandering around nodding your heads like zombies and agreeing that you are “US Citizens” or “citizens of the United States”?
It’s because you have been indoctrinated to answer yes without thinking, without even questioning what a “citizen” is.
Look up the legal definition.  A citizen owes an obligation of service to the government.
Do you have any obligation to serve the government?  Or does the government have an obligation to serve you?
So, it’s simple.  If you aren’t a “citizen” stop saying that you are.  Say, I am “a non-citizen national” instead.
Another way to think of this is— “citizen” equals “public capacity”, while “non-citizen national” equals “private capacity”.
You are in the Army or out of the Army, part of and working for the government, or not, voluntarily accepting public “benefits” or not.
If that unfortunate gentleman in Wyoming had known these simple facts, and had characterized himself properly as a “non-citizen national and native of Wyoming” (or whatever other state he was born in) the results of his trial might have turned out very differently, but until we know for sure who we are, and in what capacity we are acting, we can’t blame anyone else for not knowing who we are and what we are doing—that is, in what capacity we are acting.
The courts, in order to have jurisdiction, are always going to presume that you are a citizen and that you are consciously acting as a citizen at all times.
It’s up to you to tell them otherwise, and it is also up to you to document your choices and political status on the public record BEFORE you get hauled into their courts.  Otherwise they are free to presume that you are a “citizen” and subject to the whims of the government, which has no obligation to serve “citizens”.
Citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees.
Citizens are obligated to know and observe and obey all 80,000,000 statutory laws and Public Policies.
Citizens can’t own land in the actual states and are merely “residents” — temporarily passing through while they are stationed here to provide “essential government services”.
Citizens are obligated to pay federal and federated state income and property taxes.
Citizens are responsible for paying the entire public debt and can’t question it.
Are you beginning to get the drift here?  —Beginning to understand why you have been indoctrinated since grade school to identify yourself as a “citizen” and never told that you had any other option?
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