About Us


Hi!  We are Jim and Angie.  We have learned a lot in the past decade.  We consider ourselves activists, bloggers, truthers and investigative reporters. We are trying to not only change the way we act and think about things, but to get the truth out there so others can make informed decisions about how they act and think.  

Over the past year, so many of our rights have been taken from us.  We have had our Youtube channel targeted, stifled and ultimately deleted, thus deleting our 1st Amendment Rights.  We are not lying down!  We will not be silenced!  We will never be forced into hiding the truth.  And the truth is, once you wake up to what this world really is about, and what our governments really are doing to us, you can never UN-know that.  And you will never be satisfied being lulled back to sleep.  That is where we are right now.

Our eyes have been open for many years now, and just when we think we are starting to figure things out, we get a curve ball and realize we don’t really have anything figured out at all!  We are happier knowing the truth, no matter what else happens.  Many hate us for telling the truth.  Many call us names like Conspiracy Theorists and some argue against us.  

Jim and I simply choose to think for ourselves and have facts to help us base our beliefs on.  We have seen a lot of changes in the past several years, and we will see many more.  You can trust that we will always be truthful, stand up for what is right, help when we can and try our best to get the message out there to our friends, family and followers.  

Watch for our Roku channel called VLTV.  Please sign up, watch and enjoy!

Oh, yea…  and if we end up strangled with a piano wire- NEVER believe we committed suicide!!     choking-on-snoring-device-266x300