Another School District Using DCF as Threat

In July of 2019, social media was ablaze with a letter that had been sent out to parents in a Pennsylvania school district, threatening to have children “…removed from your home and placed in foster care” if parents did not pay an outstanding lunch account.  This letter outraged many parents both inside and outside of the Wyoming Valley West School District located in Kingston, PA.  That threat did not end well for District Solicitor, Charles Coslett, who is now out of a job for the stunt.

However, it doesn’t seem that people learn from history anymore;  right on the coattails of that dismissal, Union County Schools in Blairsville, Georgia, has decided to give the same tactic a try.  A letter was sent out to parents, with basically the same threat that enraged so many less than a month ago.

One of our family advocates wanted to be certain the letter was not a hoax, so he called the school district to validate.  (See video of phone conversation below)  Seraphim Schwab spoke to the Assistant Superintendent, David Murphy (pictured left), who fully supported the threatening letter sent to parents of his school district. He reiterated several times the letter states “DCF may be called”, which he claims was not a threat…  I don’t know about you, but if someone says to me, they MAY call DCF on me, because I owe them a small amount of money – THAT IS A THREAT.  And it is an attempt to use DCF as a collection agency.

If you do not agree with these draconian tactics David Murphy is using to bring DCF into the lives of happy families by twisting an overdue lunch account into “neglect”, PLEASE call the school district to express your concern and dismay for the manner in which this is being handled;  or simply share this article and the video below to expose this Assistant Superintendent and this school district for the gross mishandling of the way this school is run.

If you would like to call David directly, the phone number to the Union County Board of Education is 706-745-2322.  If you record the conversation, we would love to hear it!

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