Is Texas Abolishing CPS?

I recently found an article by titled Why The Texas GOP is Calling to Abolish State’s Child Welfare Agency.  While I found it of great interest and exciting content, I also found some of the information infuriating and obnoxiously misleading.  I wanted to take a few minutes to dissect this article and throw in my two-cents’ worth.

It starts out talking about the “ruling party” at a statewide convention in Austin had agreed to abolish CPS (Child Protective Services), to which I promptly did a Happy Dance, which my kids know me well for!  Jim and I have been reporting on the corrupt ways of CPS, which I refer to as the largest legalized human trafficking ring in the world, for years.  I feel this is a wonderful first step and I hope I see each state fall in line behind Texas with the same decision.

As I continued to read, I began to see how convoluted some are making this issue.  Graying the waters with smoke and mirrors has become an art within politics and this is no exception.  The article goes on to say

“CPS is a program under the Department of Family and Protective Services. What it does is investigate cases of alleged physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of children and bring those cases to court where a family law judge has to decide whether there is reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected and faces imminent danger….”

I must disagree with the statement that CPS “investigates” cases, but rather make very clear that any person can call  CPS (even out of retaliation for ANY reason)  and “allege” abuse – without giving a name or any evidence whatsoever, to which a “case worker”, who has little or NO training, is obligated to go to the home of the child and determine whether or not the child is in imminent danger.  This “case worker” who does not have to have any particular type of degree, who has not been trained in criminal law, then gets to decide to take the child away from the parents, basically on their own.  They then have the right to take this child out of a loving home with parents and siblings (unless the case worker decides ALL children are in imminent danger, and then takes ALL children out of the home) where they have food, beds, clothes, etc and can force these children to sleep in their offices! 

They have the right under our current law  to go into a “court room” run by a “judge” who has not been elected, and has not had sufficient family law training and LIE, provide FALSE REPORTS, and fail to provide a SHRED OF EVIDENCE…  and the “Judge” will inevitably take the side of the case worker.  That is not what I call an “investigation”.  That is what I call sabotaging a family. 

WHY, you ask?  Why would an agency want to do that?  What would be the motivation?  There are too many to go into here, but the main one is MONEY.  For every child CPS goes into a home and rips out of the arms of loving parents, they get MONEY.  Lots of it.  Up to $10,000 per month in some cases.  If they put that child on medication, the BONUS goes up!  They get up to $4,000 extra for medications.  The longer they keep the child in the system, the longer they suck up the thousands of dollars they get from the FEDERAL Government. 

WHERE does that Federal money come from, you ask?  From our SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS.  Yep.  It’s no longer a mystery why our social security money is running out, huh?  You and I are all PAYING for a bogus Human Trafficking Ring to come into our homes, STEAL our children, and then have them sleep on the floors of their offices – IF the child is lucky!  The majority of these children get placed into homes that have either not had background checks, or – BETTER YET – HAVE had background checks and CPS just doesn’t care that these homes are made up of pedophiles who sexually abuse the children, starve the children and in some cases, even kill the children….  but, hey!  At lease CPS “investigated” first, right?

So, now you know why I was doing a happy dance when I first read Texas intends to abolish CPS.  I’ve been saying that for two years, and was planning a meeting with the District Attorney in January to discuss this very thing.

The article goes on to ask  “If CPS didn’t exist, who would investigate reports of child abuse?”  Well, if a child is in imminent danger, that should mean one or both of the parents are doing something illegal.  Hmmm….  let’s see…  who investigates illegal activity???  Oh, YES!  The POLICE!  After all, they are the ones who investigated BEFORE CPS was created, right?  Yes.  They are.  And they are the ones who are TRAINED for that type of criminal activity.  They are the ones who are TRAINED in identifying if there is a dangerous situation…  not someone who just lost their job from Whataburger (we actually had someone tell us their case worker just lost her job from Whataburger right before she started with CPS).

The article then demonizes Faith Bussey for saying exactly what I just said.  The article said she did not speak directly to them, but they quoted her from another source (which they did not name):

“According to Bussey, the criminal justice system is adequate to handle allegations of abuse and would better protect parents from false accusations and the “subjective” judgements of caseworkers. “I don’t think CPS should exist at all… anything that happens to the child that violates their natural God-given rights is a crime, and it should be treated as a crime,” she said on a podcast last year.”

The article goes on to say, “If the CPS program were to be abolished, law enforcement could theoretically take over the whole case burden, as suggested by Bussey. But a union of Texas social workers rejects this idea, saying that handling of cases in the criminal justice system would not be good for families and would make it harder to protect vulnerable kids.”

Oh, I’m sure the “social workers” do reject that idea!  In the current system, they have more rights than the police officers, because they don’t have to provide evidence, they make up reports, the falsify evidence, they lie on the stand and can use these tactics in any case against anyone they want with NO ONE to report to, or to hold them accountable.  (Keep in mind, their “superiors” are making money off of the case workers stealing children).  There is actually a QUOTA for children that must be taken – and it goes UP every year.

“The whole idea behind CPS is that many families are in crisis and need support through education or services, and in many of these cases we don’t want law enforcement involved,” said Will Francis, Government Relations Director for the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

I’m sure Will Francis doesn’t want law enforcement involved…  because there is no EVIDENCE that anyone has done anything wrong in most cases!!  Francis, who is an ex- CPS case worker goes on to say, “Criminalizing the process would make it just about terminating rights rather than about giving families a chance to get help and turn their lives around, said Francis. “This isn’t a black-and-white world and you can’t just say this is a criminal case or not a criminal case.”

My stance always has been and always will be, Mr. Francis, if no crime was committed, then those children should never have been taken out of the home in the first place!!  So, YES, it IS as black and white as “has a crime been committed or not?!”  This boils down to Mr. Francis not getting his cut of the Social Security Title IV pie.

So far, I have not even mentioned the facts that CPS is NOT required to have a search warrant to come into your house and steal your children, and they can even just snatch them right out of school without even notifying the parents, or that the parents never get a jury trial, but rather just one judge who has either not spoken to the child at all or has only spoken to the child for a matter of minutes decides this family’s fate all on the word of the case worker and ZERO factual evidence.  Nor have I mentioned that most of the time the parents don’t even get a chance to speak or to call witnesses and if they DO have any evidence, it is not allowed.  Nor have I pointed out this is America and we are based on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and this whole process is exactly the OPPOSITE of that!  Oh, and did I mention that CPS and the entire foster system is a “private organization”?  Yes.  Please look that up.

So, according to the article

“In a May 8 press release, the think tank said it was joining a lawsuit claiming that Section 264.203 of the Texas Family Code is unconstitutional because it “allows CPS to seek judicial micromanagement of the family without adequate evidence of abuse or neglect.”

“Before the government can take even minor liberties or private property, the Texas Constitution requires that individuals have their day in court, with all the procedural protections that entails,” said Chance Weldon, an attorney for the group.”

And the article calls Bussey’s stance on the issue “MILITANT”.  I don’t mind being called “militant” when I am protecting children from being trafficked and abused OUTSIDE the home, when the agency points fingers and accuses parents of the very things that happen to these children once they are taken from their homes.  Not to mention the mental abuse that goes on when these kids are forbidden from seeing or speaking to their parents, forced to call foster after foster “mom” and “dad”, being torn from their siblings, their schools, their friends, etc…. yea, I would say my mindset is “militant” that all of those things are WRONG and should be closely regulated and have several tiers of agencies that oversee those things – not one agency with absolute power and no rules!  Funny how things are turned so backward in our world these days.

It was increasingly difficult for me to follow this article, as it suddenly went into discussing how Texas has “moved in the opposite direction from the GOP platform, expanding CPS programs, boosting salaries, and calling the child welfare system a top priority. They boosted the two-year budget of the Department of Family and Protective Services for 2018–19 from $3.5 billion to $4 billion, including about $300 million for pay raises for caseworkers and another $88 million to hire more caseworkers.”

I did do some more research and I am finding that Texas is trying to fight back against CPS.  More and more judges are finding the agency negligent and requiring them to pay retribution to parents who have lost their children to the money-hungry agency.  I do see things turning around, but I also see these people within the agency and around the agency, who also get fed from the same Title IV tit struggling and digging in to keep the source to line their own pockets.

We must all stand against this atrocity.  We must all stand against the corruption.  We must all wake up at some point and realize that just because CPS has not come for your child, yet, does not mean they won’t come for him tomorrow.  Will you want justice when that happens?  Will you want others to stand by your side and support you?  Will you want someone to help you protect your child?  If so, you had better think about that right now and take a stand right now.  Stand with us.  Stand up for our children.  Stand up for our future.

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