CPS Lawsuits Are Forcing Them To Return Children By The THOUSANDS!

If you know anything about VL, you know we are huge advocates for children and families.  We have exposed hundreds of cases about the corrupt CPS system, how it has no agency to oversee or answer to and how they have become the largest legalized human traffickers of children in the world.  It is a worldwide epidemic that is ripping families apart and getting paid to do so!  By YOUR social security funds!  We have been asking where is the outrage for years now.  Well, FINALLY, it seems there may be hope that CPS is feeling our wrath!  Hear EXACTLY what to do if you have an open bogus CPS case or Family Law case that involves CPS taking your children away.

Pamela Olsen is the Founder of Save Our Children.  A network that aids in helping families fight the corrupt CPS system and other government agencies to get their children returned to their rightful loving homes.  This network has quickly spread throughout the country and is now becoming an international group with one common focus = get our children back!!

VL was delighted to have Pamela on VLTV to explain to everyone exactly who to speak to, what to say, and how to get your children back home!  Please watch our interview, and follow us on Daily Motion!  If you have a Roku, please download VLTV so you can see all of our latest interviews.  And if you love our work and appreciate us putting our lives on the line everyday and working 18 hours many days, please support us via Patreon: www.patreon.com/victuruslibertas or www.patreon.com/vltv

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