You Think You Know You Are Being Spied On…

Listen, I know you all may THINK you know… sort of… that we are all being spied on. Oh, BAD Zuckerberg! He let Facebook take information from people – OH, NO! Don’t get me wrong – I abhor what Zuckerberg condones. I mean, he is a Rothschild, what more would you expect from a cold, heartless, greedy family such as them?  Afterall, we are all simply cattle to them.

But, if you think Facebook is doing anything different or more than any other corporation on the internet, you need to wake up!

We all hear about how Google gathers and keeps information in the same way Facebook does and I think we “know” that, in our heads.   Yes, I consider myself awake.  Yes, I consider myself intelligent.  Yes, I “knew” we were being spied on 24/7…  But, I don’t think you all REALLY … KNOW.  Here, let me lay it out for you like sushi…  I went into my settings on Google.

There, I found just about every tracking device you could imagine automatically set to ON.  I took a few screen shots to help explain my disgust and concern for our society.

You can see from the screen shot above, the first things I begin to see…  I see that it labels “HOME”…  Hmmm…  Home pages on google?  What exactly did that mean?  As I clicked on the box to open the information inside, I discovered it was talking about the home page on my PHONE.  Every time I went to the HOME page – NOT the internet –  Just the main screen on my phone, it was logged.  Every time I looked at the main screen on my PHONE!

I also noticed that it listed DuckDuckGo.  Don’t be naive, like I was, in thinking if you go to DuckDuckGo, your privacy is protected.  As you can clearly see here, it knows EXACTLY what I searched for on DuckDuckGo…

This is what I saw when I opened up the list from DuckDuckGo.  So, there is no difference in using this search engine and just using your regular Chrome one in google.

This is the what was displayed in details of the “google searches”, and let me point out….  this was not ME doing these searches.  These are Mr. VL’s searches.  This google history archive was a compilation of not only my search history, every single time I used my pc or my phone and everything I looked at and everywhere I went, but also my husband’s searches and everything he did or looked at in HIS phone.

I’ll tell you, if you suspect your spouse is cheating on your or looking at porn, this is an easy and free way to find out.






It conveniently had logged when I used my camera on my phone…. and what times I sent text messages.







Jim and I were careful NOT to link our Protonmail accounts to anything that had to do with google… but, as you can see here.  That doesn’t matter.  They know anyway and track that, as well.

I was a big fan of Signal – the alternative to texting on your phone because it’s supposed to be private and encrypted.  Maybe the actual messages are private, but google knows when  you download that app to your phone and every single time you use Signal.  They are probably laughing, thinking, “Do they think they are being private, or something?”







Of course, this goes without saying, but, google also knows what maps we look at, where we are thinking about going and where we do go.  Jim simply looked at areas on a map on his phone.





It’s no secret what groups I visit on Facebook… Just ask google.






This shows exactly what groups I looked at in Trello and on Twitter…





Even what images were actually searched.  IMAGES of the images that were searched.  I am getting really creeped out right. I even had to turn OFF the audio and voice RECORDING setting!  So, are you telling me google thinks we WANT them to record everything we SAY??  Let me guess, it’s for OUR BENEFIT, right?


Look, I need people to have this shoved in their faces.  Here are a few points I want to make:

  1. If what Facebook did is so tabu and there is so much uprising over it, including lawsuits, don’t you think there should be the same thing across the board?  They ALL do it!  Why did we stop at Facebook?  Let’s bring privacy lawsuits against ALL of these creepy spying Nazi monsters.  I don’t care what kind of disclaimers they have – spying on people in the United States, according not only to our Constitution, but to our BIRTH RIGHT…  we have the right to a certain amount of privacy.  AND THIS AIN’T IT, FRIENDS!
  2. With THIS KIND of 24/7 personal surveillance, please tell me how ANY terrorism EVER happens in this country??!!  They can pull up the naked Wafflehouse shooter’s pc and see every single thing he looked at, bought, thought about, where he went, what images he searched…  EVERYTHING!

They can also do it to our crooked politicians.  But, they won’t.  Because they are all in bed together.  I am so sick of them trying to normalize everything they are doing to our society.

SPYING is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!

PEDOPHILIA is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!

EATING CHILDREN is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!

WAR is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!


BOMBING CHILDREN is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!

RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH is NOT normal!  It is NOT okay!!


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