See The Conservative Version of “The View” – Mad Real

I was honored to be a guest Co-Host on the awesome series called Mad Real on MAD Broadcasting Network.  MAD = Make A Difference.

We are so impressed with the quality of information that comes from MAD Broadcasting Network!  This is EXACTLY what we need at this time in our world.  The main stream media broadcasting is a farce – we NEED a broadcasting system for the truth community and now we have it!  If you have not yet, please take a moment and go check it out –

She has awesome programs that are released at specific times on specific days, so it’s always predictable.  We hope we will be able to partner with MAD Broadcasting Network for a long time!

Here is the latest episode of Mad Real, where we discussed the Zuckerberg testimony – was it just a dog and pony show?  … The subject of the FBI raiding Michael Cohen’s house and what were they expecting to find? … Backpage was seized by the FBI and how that has enraged the “Women’s movement” because it impedes with prostitutes’ line of income… Why is Homeland Security really compiling the list of influences on journalists and what does that mean for simple bloggers like us? … Why is the president being provoked to start WWIII – and I think many of us know the answer to that…. and did London really just ban kitchen knives?  The commentary and different views are exceptional in this episode.  We hope you enjoy!

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