NeW World 0rder – #1984IsHere – 2018 Predictions For The Very Near Future – Order of the Barbarians

Good morning everyone, if you are listening to my voice right now, I hope you have a wonderful day. I wanted to update everyone on a couple of things. And make a prediction.

First a channel update – we continue working on getting our main channel back through a couple of avenues. I will keep you informed as things progress. In the meantime, I will be working on re-uploading evergreen videos on this channel so if you are a long-time subscriber, bear with us, as the material might not be new to you.

For those that don’t know what Evergreen Videos are, it is material that I consider relevant to current events as well subjects of historical interest.

Now, lets get to my prediction. I predict we are going to see the following based on this screenshot from the ADL’s video titled – The Online Hate Index.  If you have not seen it, I left the link in the description.

  • We are going to start seeing start seeing more stories about White Supremacist hate groups and the epidemic of anti-Semitism
  • We are going to see a continued effort to isolate white men from the rest of society.
  • Anyone questioning the mainstream narrative on any story will be labeled a conspiracy theorist, fake news and will be swiftly shut down.
  • Any alternative platform that allows free speech will be severely attacked as has been reported by our friend Ray who is the co-founder Bit chute
  • There will be a continued effort to cast Cops in a bad light and isolate them from the rest of community.
  • There will be a continued assault on the 2nd amendment and continued pressure for conservative lawmakers to appease what will be represented as Exploding Community Outrage by the MSM.
  • There will be a big push for folks to migrate to use one platform for their video hosting Such as YouTube, one platform for purchasing products such as Amazon, One for personal Social Interaction such as Facebook, and one for news and political social interaction such as Twitter.
  • These sites will be monitored and heavily censored. TOS abusers will be banned from the community with nowhere to go.
  • Eventually, all these platforms will be merged into one Giant Social Platform that all digital human interaction will funnel through. It will be monitored very diligently and TOS offenders will be swiftly dealt with.

What I am describing here has been in the works for many years. It’s already in place. They are now implementing the final phases. It is total state control to be rolled out worldwide. This Is 1984. This is The New Order of the barbarians.

Please see my posting of the 3-part series, the New Order of the Barbarians. Everything that was discussed in this interview in the 1980s by an illuminati insider is coming to fruition.   In fact, much has already come to fruition.

I am no gifted clairvoyant just a student of history and These are my predictions. And if you are a Christian, you know there is biblical evidence to that back up my claims.

Now, with that said, there is no fear in these predictions because as I and many others have said many times, I have read the last chapter of the book, I know how it ends. and I know WHO wins. God Bless You Folks we will talk to you soon.

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