Free Speech DELETED By Youtube

As more virtual body bags are tossed on the fire by Youtube, we want to extend a very special and heartfelt THANK YOU to our friends over at the Hagmann Report for this article showcasing us as one of the many Youtube is trying to silence. It will not be done. Please see the article below:

We are a proud sponsor of Sherry Peel Jackson!  If you have any need for the following specialties of hers, please contact her and tell her we sent you!

⦁ Trying to maintain integrity in the church finances and formulate fair and proper church policy.
⦁ Trying to develop and maintain strategies to foster church growth and discipleship.
⦁ Trying to implement sound methods to produce wealth in the church and the congregation.
⦁ Trying to keep the church’s and the pastor’s personal finances from scrutiny from the IRS, lawsuits and others out to do them harm.

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