The Las Vegas Coverup

I have received the same email message from multiple people.  Please take heed and DO NOT go to the FBI with any additional information you may have regarding the Las Vegas shooting.

The following is the warning in it’s entirety that I have received several times:


” WARNING: FBI asking for people to “help them” in Las Vegas

Want a quick ticket to finding out what happens after you die? The FBI is asking for any and all people who know anything about what happened in Las Vegas the night of the shooting to contact them to “help with the investigation.”


We already know they are lying about everything. WE ALREADY KNOW THEY HELPED MAKE THE NIGHT HAPPEN, AND THEREFORE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY WERE INVOLVED. Even white hats in the FBI want to run a parallel investigation to circumvent the black hats and were shut down. Therefore, the FBI asking for people to “contribute” what they know can only possibly be TWO THINGS:

1. A nice looking fake face.

2. A WAY FOR THEM TO TRACK DOWN ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH THAT COULD GET THEM IN TROUBLE, SO THEY CAN DETAIN AND KILL WITNESSES. Make no mistake, the FBI’s pants are on fire and they absolutely will murder ALL witnesses to put that fire out. If you were a witness in Vegas, especially any of the other hotel shootings DO NOT CALL THE FBI, if you do, you’ll be dead.

This is not a joke or assumption. They are already known killers, having set up numerous false flags and are now known to be aiding and abetting what went on in Vegas. If you can’t understand “how they missed the story” THEY DID NOT MISS THE STORY, THEY WERE THE STORY, I guess people should try to spread what they witnessed as much as possible, but with regard to the FBI, it is SHUT UP OR DIE. “


You can heed this warning, or don’t.  I will tell you NONE of the videos regarding the Las Vegas shooting we have done on Youtube have been monetized and they have in fact REMOVED one of the videos we put up analyzing what the MSM has told us compared to the police scanners of that night.  It was absolutely nothing but posting what the MSM says and what the police scanners said.  My stance is that whoever is behind this has enough pull to control Youtube and MSM and they are scared.  Too many people are tearing their narrative and lies apart.

See our analysis video on BITCHUTE

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