Israeli Whistleblower Judge: “Israeli Justice System Imprisons Innocent People”!

Those of you who have been keeping up with our Israel series with Marianne Azizi have probably seen a few comments contradicting what Marianne is saying.

“Oh, it can’t be that bad!”

“That is not true!”

“What an exaggeration!”

While I never doubted Marianne for one second, we now have irrefutable evidence!  An Israeli judge has blown the whistle on the corrupt police and judicial system in his own country.

See the video with English subtitles below:

Top Israeli Judge blows whistle, boldly stating, “Israel Police fabricates charges and the Israeli justice system imprisons innocent people”


Judge Shelly Timan, one of the senior judges in the Tel Aviv district court, abruptly quit, and gave a televised interview on Israeli Channel 2, where he explained how the corrupt nature of the ‘justice’ being done in Israeli courts drove him out.

Judge Timan said:

“I left my job absolutely convinced that I’m doing the right thing, because I felt I couldn’t serve the cause of justice anymore.

“There are people who are rotting away in prison. Many of them still haven’t even been brought to trial yet or convicted [of any crime]. Others are completely innocent of doing any crime,” he explained.

“In a democracy, a person’s case should be judged in a prompt fashion, but you see how many cases here (in Israel) have a huge delay before they come to trial,” continued Timan. “I tried, I really tried, but I can’t stand it anymore.” Timan went on to lament the enormous number of people who were caught up in the prison system, waiting for their cases to even come to court.

Judge Timan continued that it was only when he recently acquitted the defendants in two cases that he adjudicated, that he realized that the Israeli Justice system had a real problem with finding any defendants ‘innocent’.

“The prosecutors have enormous egos, and they want to see a conviction at any cost,” explained Timan.

The Honourable Judge Timan continues, “There’s also a lot of errors and omissions [in the evidence], because the Israeli police aren’t doing their job the way they’re supposed to, again because there are a lot of ambitious people who want to win a conviction at any cost.

“And so, people are rotting away [in prison] for the rest of their lives, or for very long stretches of time.”

Judge Timan then made the following stunning statement of the Israeli Justice system:

“I’m very sorry to say it, but the Israeli police are stitching people up, and fabricating charges.”

“Also, the pressure from the media is also very hard for the judges to bear, and its skewing their decisions. Lobbyists and the media are determining the fate of the accused.”

Timan concluded: “I’m very sorry to say it, but there are judges [in Israel] who don’t know what it means to find a defendant innocent.”

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