Is Our Last Chance To Unrig the System Getting Derailed?

VL has interviewed Robert David Steele on many occasions.  He is a little… gruff… unpolished… NOT politically correct…   He is an ex-Navy and ex-CIA – all the gruff parts to him seem to come naturally.  In my opinion, he’s much like me – he has a good message, but his delivery needs a little work.  (Something Mr. VL tells me all the time).  I have learned to be a little softer in my presentations and delivery over time.  Maybe Mr. Steele has not had the time to practice that.

In any case, immediately after the election, Robert began trying to help President Trump put some ideas in place that he felt very strongly, would elevate our country back to the “Great” status many believe it once was.  It turns out, the President’s cabinet was not interested in hearing Robert’s ideas, nor did they care to have President Trump taking time for it, so they blocked Robert’s efforts.

Because Robert Steele felt so strongly about this idea he had for helping our country to come together in unity, his idea turned into a movement.  He calls this movement #UNRIG.  Because the movement is an effort to unrig the system.  Robert believes the two party tyranny is one of the main issues with corruption in our government.  He believes both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are owned by what he calls the Deep State.  I have said for years “Left wing or Right wing – they are both part of the same bird”.

Mr. Steele has put many hours into his brainchild #UNRIG. He reached out to many people who are known for bringing people together.  The first thing he sought to do is make people understand this is not a political party – it is a movement to break the two party system apart and make room for the Green Party, Independents, the Libertarian Party, Constitutionalists, etc.  He sees this movement being a peaceful 2nd American Revolution.

With Dr. Cynthia McKinney firmly on-board, Robert began moving full steam ahead with his project.  But, he needed to raise money to be able to accomplish the things he wanted to do.  He sought to bring Cynthia from Bangladesh, where she is currently teaching, and have the two of them travel the country educating the American people about the slavery system we are currently stuck in, and explain how easily and quickly we could turn that around, if we all simply UNITE!

His vision is one big united party against the 1%.  Main Street against Wall Street.  Good against Evil — rather than man against woman, Democrats against Republicans, blacks against whites…  He realizes, and hopes to make others realize the 1% is putting that agenda out there and HOPING we continue to fight one another because it keeps us from fighting THEM.  And it really wouldn’t take much to fight them, if we all come together – which is the main point Mr. Steele is trying to convey!

The story continues…  Robert was well on his way to raising his projected goal of $250,000 (the link to donate to the cause is HERE) for his and Dr. Cynthia’s nationwide tour, when suddenly, something happens out of the blue.  One of the Youtube personalities who had interviewed Robert and helped raise some money for his cause, had an argument with Robert.  The two of them had a verbal altercation, which was solely between the two of them….  grown men DO argue, believe it or not…  and suddenly, it’s a big high school yard fight on the internet with everyone else trying to jump in and join the fight.

In my humble opinion, because I am a grown up…  I try to avoid those types of things.  I do not want to be in the middle of it.  I do not want to take sides.  It has nothing to do with me!  I am over here, minding my own business…  working, being a mom, trying to hold my own life together, why would I want to join in something that  1. will do no positive for me,  2. that I can’t change the outcome to, and  3. THAT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

If this argument did not specifically have my name in it and directly affect ME, it’s none of my business, and if the other Youtube personality wants to bring all of the internet in on his personal grown up argument, that speaks volumes for that person’s maturity level, in my opinion.

At any rate, as the online, secretly taped conversation was being played for multiple hours on various channels, the derailing began to happen.  Shortly thereafter, VL posted a video I made promoting #UNRIG and you would not BELIEVE the trolling this other person was doing on my channel.  From a grown man!  It really made me stop and think…   and wonder…  is someone being put in place to derail something that could be so good for our country?  Is this sabotage?  It was a simple phone call, for God’s sake.  So what if people curse at one another when they are angry?  I do.  I know most of you do or have.

Personally, I don’t care.  I just want to remain focused on NOT fighting my neighbor.  NOT fighting my friend.  NOT fighting something that means nothing.  I want to focus on unrigging our corrupt system and nation.  We are in a state of emergency, People!  This is serious.  If we do not unite and fight for what we really need to be fighting for…  we will lose it.  And that means we lose our freedom.  We lose our country.  We lose our rights.  We lose our families.  We lose our sanity.  WE LOSE.

This is our last chance.  Is our last chance being derailed and sabotaged?  Are we allowing it?

VL will have a VERY EXCLUSIVE interview – the FIRST time RDS and Dr. Cynthia McKinney will be together speaking on #UNRIG tomorrow on our Youtube channel.  Tune in for some very positive, very do-able amazing news that could save our country!

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