Miraculous Stories of Nationwide Event Organizers for Pedogate

Readers, I would like to ask each of you to tune in to our channel on Youtube to support these two amazing ladies who are heading up the Nationwide Our Children Matter Event organized by Neil Wolf, of the Light Reports.

This interview happened because I got an email from Elise begging us to give her some air time to promote their march in Washington.  Included in her email was this, which made me tear up:

“I have received a lot of spiritual and liberal opposition trying to raise awareness here in Washington. There is not a single radio station, lawmaker, or police agency that will give me the time of day, let alone air time. I am struggling to get the word out about our nationwide demonstration at every Capital in the country.  

I will be on the Capital steps in Olympia Washington June 10th from 10AM-2PM demanding an investigation into the Elite Pedo Sadists who are trafficking our children. I can’t even get a Pastor to come down and say a prayer for the children being raped and tortured in OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! It is like nothing I have EVER seen, and we need your support!”

That is one of the saddest, most incredulous things I have ever heard!  Pastors will not even pray for these children?!   We must get the word out.

And there is even more to this story.  Elisa wrote to me asking for airtime for her and for the organizer of California, as well.  It turns out that BOTH of these courageous women have the most remarkable stories.  I would like to share with you a little bit about each lady.

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Pamela, who is the organizer of California’s Nationwide Our Children Matter Event, is a disabled/retired nurse.  She was a floor nurse for 16 years on almost every floor of UCDavis Hospital Sacramento, CA.  She worked the County Jail and she has 13 certificates for what she calls her “now useless resume”. *funny how that works isn’t it? What you think is important become irrelevant in a blink of an eye*

The bite of a Brown Recluse spider, which caused her to almost lose a leg, changed her life, by leaving her with RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy.  Shortly thereafter, another unexpected and crazy event left her with head to toe nerve pain nonstop.  On top of that, Pamela had been living in a home with toxic mold and then was diagnosed with Diverticulitis with IBS!

For the last 3 and 1/2 years, Pamela said she had barely been out of bed.  During this time was when she found herself drawn to politics and became an avid blogger.  She discovered Wikileaks and when the Podesta emails hit, her mind was blown.  She became consumed with Pedogate as she watched Victurus Libertas and so many others, trying to catch up. Pamela says she felt like she had been dunked into the deep end of the pool and had forgotten how to swim!!  She was enraged, disgusted, and ready to do whatever she could to get the word out!!

It was during that time she watched our interview with Neil Wolfe.  Immediately, she went to Neil’s site, looked at the map, and was so saddened to find not oneNOT ONE march or rally was scheduled in the Pacific Northwest! Not One!! Something happened, and without thinking, Pamela clicked her area, signed up for the Sacramento Capital march and prayed like all get out that she could pull this off.

Pamela proclaims something whispered to her heart, and it didn’t take long for her to recognize what it was, the Holy Spirit telling her not to worry, that all she need do is trust in Him and all would be taken care of. So, she STOOD UP!  Literally, Pamela took one pained leg after another, stood up (hanging onto my side table of course for balance) and STARTED WALKING!!

What a story of strength, faith and courage!  Pamela should be an inspiration to us all! 


Elisa had a traumatic back injury last year.  She experience inward herniation L4-S1, with a congenital birth defect in which she was missing L5, which she was unaware of.  As a result of herniation and missing  her”anchor vertebra” – which is what the L5 is referred to, she had what is called Instantaneous Spinal Stenosis, and a condition called “Foot Drop”.

Elisa used to be an athlete and suddenly with this injury, she lost all leg strength and could barely walk.  Doctors did not know if she would ever walk again normally or be pain free… She had to have a Neurological Team because they had to move her spinal cord to reach conjoined nerve roots.  She received a very grim prognosis to say the least…  She was flat on her back on FMLA waiting for neurosurgery when WikiLeaks dumped.  Elise says she got educated.  She got angry.  And she STOOD UP!

Elisa had surgery and she has healed well.  While most do not come back from a surgery such as this, especially with a missing vertebra!  There are not even any cases to compare hers to!  Now, Elise is standing tall, working 12 hour shifts, and completely off of pain management without withdrawals!  Elise asks with passion, “tell me how is that possible? It isn’t without GOD!”

Elisa says without doubt she knows she has been called to do this for our children.  And we feel so grateful she has reached out to us to allow us to help her!  Her story is so powerful and inspiring!

Here are the details for the marches:

Elisa’s Washington march:

Capital building  in Washington from 10 am – 2 pm


Pamela’s Sacramento, CA march:

Capital building in Sacramento from 10 am – 2 pm.  Begins at K & 7th, at the ice rink and will march to the Capital grounds.  The rally portion will be in space 5, which is near Cactus Garden at N & 15th.

Speakers will start at 11 am.


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