19-Year Old Annelise Rice Sues Family Court System – Join Her In Her Fight To Change Laws

 A 19-year old hockey player for UND has filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against all who were involved in the corrupt Family Law judicial system that kept her away from her mother and siblings.

Annelise Rice recently filed that lawsuit against her father, Brent Rice, a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, as well as employees of Hennepin and Carver counties and several other court professionals and social workers. All were involved in her family court case that, she argues, deprived her of her civil rights, according to Caroline Rice’s Facebook page.  This lawsuit takes place under Color of Law, meaning all of these individuals will be sued personally, in order to be held responsible for their actions against Annelise.  They are not afforded protection under the state in a Civil Lawsuit under the Color of Law.

Annelise’s arguement in her lawsuit is that the family court system repeatedly violated her due process rights, forcing her to live with her abusive father while being kept away from her mother and siblings, while also being forced to live in foster care when she was not living with her father.

You may find all parties involved in this case HERE.

Here are a few of the charges Annelise is alleging against the 19 defendants in her case:

  • coercing and financially harassing Plaintiff’s mother into abandoning her legal efforts to protect Annelise through the courts
  • knowingly allowing false testimony
  • allowing into evidence bogus, disreputable, and pro child-abuser ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’
  • failing to disclose to the court the unethical and prejudicial relationship between Defendant Brent Rice and Defendants
  • prohibiting Annelise Rice (or any older siblings) from testifying on her own behalf in order to obtain protection from the abuse
  • falsifying child protective services reports on Plaintiffs abuse…  as well as other allegations

Hear Her Story Live!

Annelise and her mother are trying to get as much publicity as possible on the case.  They need 40 cases to turn this into a class action lawsuit.  Victurus Libertas will be interviewing Annelise and her mother Thursday night on our Channel.  Please tune in – the video should be up by Friday morning.

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