UN Controls Illegal Immigrants Entering US

The interview VL did with Jill Noble is one that every person in the United States MUST see to understand what is going on with the refugee resettlement program, and who is behind it and what it really is.

The propaganda that the MSM pushes, that these are “poor women and children” from “war-stricken countries” who have nowhere else to go is laughable after hearing the TRUTH.

Jill Noble was actually in these meetings and went through the training courses for these refugees and what she tells is more frightening than a horror film by Stephen King.  She tells us about diseased immigrants, picked from the streets, placed on red eye flights to bring them in under the cover of night, giving them free passports, housing, food stamps, OUR social security and then putting them in a cherry-picked home in the most prestigious of neighborhoods simply to further a U.N. New World Agenda.  Watch the video below and find the actual notes from the meetings below.


Here are the actual notes Jill released to us  Refugee

See the actual notes (in case you would like to download them) from that refugee meeting as a document: Refugee Resttlement

Jill has also sent us a dire warning about Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing also known as AFFH.  We must call our representatives to make certain we STOP AFFH!  See our article about AFFH for details.


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