A group Child activists on Twitter have made some flyers and photos they are asking everyone to share TOMORROW.  Please post these everywhere.  If you have a Twitter account, please post and re-tweet as much as possible.

The Child activists  are beginning to feel hopeless and defeated!  Everyone in the group feels the need to re-energize and be reminded that there are others who care!  To re-inspire everyone to Fight On!

This Friday (tomorrow) we will start with the demands to twitter to take action use the ads or just tweet demands to Twitter tag others often like POTUS, Ivanka, Trey Gowdy, Cynthia McKinney Rosanne ect…

Please also re-tweet demands in your feed to get the word out as much as possible! The group who is working on this has committed to incorporating a petition for legislative change possibly next week! We need a revival!!!

As you all know, fighting this brings you to very dark places and the images and videos that are being seen seem to be escalating!  They stream CSA on their twitter feeds – these sickos are watching in real time the rape of children and this isn’t even dark web stuff this is publicly on twitter if you know where to look!

In the words of one of the organizers, “Our souls are taking a beating and we could also really use your prayers as well as many of us are under attack!  Thank You so Much and God Bless!  The Time has Come! They Should have Expected Us!”

Feel free to use the art below, as made by @RavensVU

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