Help With Possible Kidnapping in Napa Valley Area

We have had someone reach out to us with some very disturbing and terrifying information regarding a sex trafficking ring.  This person has reported various amounts of illegal activity to the police in Napa Valley, and nothing has ever been done.  Therefore, it has been assumed by many in that area that the police are very corrupt.

Here is the information our Anon has shared with us.


A few months ago, Anon’s friend sent a message explaining that she had black mail material against a sex trafficking ring in the area.
The friend then followed up with two photographs that showed a very young child (less than 10 years of age).  This child seemed to be in compromising positions with an adult male in one photo and an adult female in the other photo.

Anon described the photos:  “The first picture shows a little blond girl…  and all you can see of the male adult is his lower half and he is naked.”
“The 2nd picture shows the same little girl and an adult female is licking something off of the little girls face.”

Anon then proceeded to share the text message received from the friend.  There is a big possibility this child’s name is Faith McKinley.  The friend’s neighbor, “Veronica Rodriguz is involved with her kidnapping…” according to Anon’s friend, who sent this information.

The friend had more information, explaining that she also suspected a counselor at RLS (Robert Louis Stevenson) Middle School in St. Helena of being involved with this kidnapping.  The name of that counselor is Terry O’Leary, according to the friend.
It is believed that Faith’s mother’s name is Elizabeth, but it is unclear whether or not she has the same last name as Faith.
If anyone has any information on anything in this post, please reach out to local authorities.  Any help with this case would be appreciated.

I did a search for Faith’s name in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, but her name was not found.  I have never heard of any of the names mentioned in this article and I am not personally accusing anyone of any crime.  I am repeating to all of you what was told to me by a very scared and concerned citizen, in hopes that someone else out there may have some information.
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