William Fain to Help Us Take Down CPS and Family Courts

As part of my Corruption in the CPS system series, many weeks ago, I contacted William Fain.  He was friends with former Georgia Senator, Nancy Schaefer and had been helping her expose the corruption of CPS in her district when she was found murdered (the case was deemed a murder/suicide by police).

Mr. Fain did respond to me and rejected an interview.  I had talked to others who had also tried to reach out to him, and although he would always respond, he never agreed to speak with anyone regarding the issues he has such deep and intimate knowledge of…  until now.

Late last night, I received a private message from Mr. Fain saying he knows the truth.  He instructed me to go to this FACEBOOK PAGE and like it and he would answer my questions.

He has a plan.  And it sounds like a big plan.  Here is the video he has on the page.  After you watch this video, please go to the FB page, listed above and like and share the page.  We must get his plan off the ground, but we must have the numbers to do it.  If you have knowledge of how corrupt this system is worldwide…  if you know others who have been in this corrupt system…  if you love children and want to keep families together…  Please help us get his plan into action.  The time is NOW!

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