Interview With Sweden Insider on Refugee Crisis

As many of you are probably aware, the refugee crisis in Sweden is at a breaking point right now. It is an absolute mess and the Swedish government, as well as the United States government and all of our MSM are all covering it up.

As our insider- Adam, stated, “The New York Times basically said last weeknothing’s out of hand. No refugee crime. Nothing to see here’!”

Adam has a good friend who lives in Sweden and he shared his conversation between his friend and himself with VL.

Here is the conversation:

*ADAM*: So is the refugee crisis in Sweden as bad as I hear? Do you notice anything?

*SWEDEN FRIEND*:  It is. It’s very bad. I actually lived about 200 ms away from a home for asylum-seeking men (no women, families…), and since they moved in I could not wait for the bus in peace anymore. There are several no-go zones in the major cities now, where police and firefighters are met with stones, and in one town the buses won’t go to and from a certain area because of the violence they are met with. Rape has shot through the roof -there are many reports of gang rapes and many cases of sexual assaults, often caused by several men in a group.  Plus in the suburbs where most immigrants live, there are cases of men assaulting women for not being ‘properly clad’, and they want to have sharia laws.

*ADAM*:  Is that why you moved in with family out in the woods?

*SWEDEN FRIEND:*  That, and to get away from people in general. But I lived in a very refugee-packed suburb, and it was horrible.  Our fucking government have just swallowed everything, take them all in with open arms, but now they’re not so happy…many claim they are 15 but they are like 20, and authorities just say ‘oh well there’s no way of knowing’…

*ADAM*: Sounds like the country is being turned upside down! I bet it was a beautiful country to be in before all this.

*SWEDEN FRIEND:*  It is-it was. Now, it’s fucking terrible. I’m glad that I live far away from people for now. But I have to move pretty soon- and have nowhere to go since there are nothing available, except for refugees- they always get apartments, for free. Ordinary people here have no place to live, but, that is not a problem according to our shitty government.  They are so desperate to seem helpful and righteous, but, they forget about their own people. There have been major cuts to welfare just to be able to take in more refugees. It’s awful. And they do nothing but complain- their living space is too small, too far away from the major cities, not enough money, etc… I would happily live in one of those flats. Nothing wrong with them- often they are completely new. They do get paid to do nothing! I barely have enough to pay my rent and buy food. Retired people here can barely survive on their retirement funds, can’t buy their medicines or eat, but this country still wants more refugees. It’s so fucked up.  

*ADAM*: Wow. And they are covering up serious crimes to downplay it? Women are getting viciously assaulted and no one gets in trouble?

*SWEDEN FRIEND*:  Yup. Nothing. Instead they separate men and women in public baths, give okay for gender-separate schools, excuse them by saying “it’s in their culture”. I don’t care. If you want that sort of laws, you go live in a country where that is accepted. Way back in ’91-92, when people from Africa first started coming here en masse, we were not allowed to sing our national anthem on graduation day anymore, nor raise the Swedish flag.  All because it might offend someone. Since then it just escalated. Now, there are entire schools without a single Swedish kid.  They built a home for single men just some 100 ms from our apartment block, and after they moved in, all hell broke loose. Luckily, someone tried to torch the place just a month after.  

This is so very important for people to see, hear and read.  I’m confused as to why the liberals are so gung-ho to bring in these refugees.  They must be blind to what is happening to our neighbors around the world.  Are we not allowed to learn from others’ experiences?  I am a person who likes and wants to help others.  I understand welcoming other people to our country- IF…  they respect this country, as is…  do not invade, interrupt or try to change our country.  Sure, they can worship as they wish amongst themselves IF it does not harm others.  To come to our country and try to change it and harm us is UNACCEPTABLE.  And anyone who thinks it is okay, is part of the problem!

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