Oklahoma Senator Caught With Underage Teenage Boy

Ralph Shortey (R-44), a conservative state Senator for Oklahoma, age 35, was arrested Thursday, March 9th, after he was caught in a motel with an underage male, according to Advocate.com.

A redacted police report, which can be seen below, indicates the child’s father watched him enter a Super 8 motel with Shortey and then called police.  According to Neonnettle.com, A senior Moore Police Department officer, Master Sgt. J. White was then dispatched to the location, where he reportedly smelled marijuana wafting from the room. When confronted by police, Shortey, who is married with two children, said he was just “hanging out with a friend”, according to Advocate.com. But, messages on a digital device showed the politician was asking for “sexual stuff” in exchange for money.  Reports show that police are reviewing text messages between Senator Shortey and the teen to determine if anything criminal has occurred.  It is reportedly those text messages are what led the boy’s family to call police, according to Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn.

Kfor.com reports, however, that Mashburn, is arguing that the boy is of consensual age, according to Oklahoma law.

Shortey, was first elected in 2010, and has been in the media quite a bit for his controversial bills.  He is most famous for his 2012 push to ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food, and also served as a political consultant for Representative Dan Kirby, during the sexual harassment scandal at the Capitol earlier this year.  See more HERE.

While Shortey has not been arrested or fully charged with a crime, democratic party leaders are calling on the senator to suspend himself from activities in the senate until the investigation is complete.  The Senator is currently facing three charges:  1. soliciting prostitution of a minor  2. prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church, and  3. transporting for the purpose of prostitution, according to Advocate.com.

Further, the Oklahoma Senate voted 42-0 to punish Shortey for his actions in the following manner, according to KOCO:

  • Shortey’s positions as a vice-chair on the committee on energy and the subcommittee on select agencies of appropriations committee are suspended.
  • Shortey’s membership on the committee on retirement and insurance, committee on judiciary and committee on appropriations are suspended.
  • Shortey’s authority to designate an executive assistant pursuant to the provisions of Senate Rule 3-4 is hereby suspended and his executive assistant is hereby placed under the direct supervision of the chief operating officer of the Senate.
  • Shortey is directed to immediately return custody of his state-owned laptop computer and any other state-owned property in his possession to the Senate.
  • Shorty will no longer be authorized to occupy his office at the State Capitol or his assigned parking spot.
  • The provisions of Senate Rule 6-5 are suspended to remove Shortey’s name as author or coauthor of any legislation under the control of the Senate. Any other member of the Senate may assume principal authorship or co-authorship of any such legislation as provided in the Senate Rules.
  • The allowances for expenses of the office and postage, and for mileage and other travel expenses, granted to Shortey are hereby suspended
  • All pages scheduled as of Wednesday, under the sponsorship of Shortey for the remainder of the 2017 legislative session shall be under the sponsorship of the president pro tempore, and no additional pages shall be scheduled under the sponsorship of Shortey for the remainder of the 2017 legislative session.


* Redacted police report can be viewed below:

Shortey OK R 031617


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