Why Is No One Talking About Fukushima Reactor 2 That Is Collapsing Into the Pacific?



Japan declares crisis as Fukushima reactor begins falling into the Pacific Ocean and radiation soars to the highest levels ever seen.

The latest developments at Japan’s Fukushima reactor have been described as “unimaginable” and “unprecedented”. Officials state that damages at the reactor are “far worse than previously thought”. Melted fuel has come in contact with underground water and the melted core appears to be spreading over an “extensive area”.

Radiation levels at the Fukushima reactor have also soared to their highest levels since the 2011 disaster. The radiation levels inside the containment vessel of the number 2 reactor at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex stood at 530 sieverts per hour, the highest since the 2011 disaster, the plant operator said on Thursday.  Previously the highest radiation level monitored in the interior of the reactor had been 73 sieverts per hour.  That is almost 7 1/2 TIMES the normal level…  and yet..  NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT!

These are record high fatal radiation levels, according to the institute. Another truly unsettling revelation about the Fukushima problem came as one manager revealed 600 tons of fuel melted, and they can’t find it.

Uncontrollable fission” is continuing under the site. What this means folks, is TEPCO, the company that has run the nuclear site, has lied to us for 6 years, since the initial meltdown on 3-11-11, This means all the people in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and Anchorage eating Sushi and salmon have been digesting radioactive poison for 6 years!  This is CRAZY!

If you live in a coastal community near the Pacific, you probably now know why cancer rates have spiked in the last 6 years.  Even our mortality rate has reversed.

It has been suggested by insiders that the Obama administration was told that real estate would collapse, and there would be a mass exodus from the West Coast if this news leaked out, so they covered it up.  Then respected ocean science institutes like Wood Hole sent out scientists to tell us we would be fine and that “Fukushima posed no threat”.  We HAVE been LIED TO.

Millions of Americans who have eaten seafood from the Pacific now may face deadly consequences!!! Fukushima is releasing various types of isotopes… such as cesium 131, cesium 134, Strontium 90 and other deadly radioactive particles.

Once Reactor 2 fully collapses, we could see a radioactive cloud all along the west coast. Folks, when it rains- and it has been raining a lot on California lately- that means radioactivity is being picked up and dumped on farm lands in California, which grows over 50% of our nations food!

The Pacific is 1/3 of the worlds water! Imagine one third of the sea and land radioactive. This is bad, folks. I am not trying to fearmonger, but we need to find out why Obama covered this up, and we may want to ask the real reason why the Prime Minister of Japan is suddenly visiting President Trump.

For my friends out in California, Oregon, Washington State and Alaska, please stop eating all fish from the Pacific! If it’s raining, stay out of the rain, Iodine pills are only good to mitigate Cesium. It does nothing for Uranium 238, or Strontium 90. Japan is history. Tokyo is only 150 miles from Fukushima, so you can expect to see mass die offs in Japan in the nearing years.

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