Who Had the Right to Change the Definition for FASCISM?

We hear the word “fascism” thrown around a lot by the liberal leftists, but do they really know what the word means?  I actually responded on Twitter to a liberal and told her she needed to look up the word before she uses it in the incorrect manner to keep herself from looking like the idiot she obviously was.  Then I thought I would help her out, so I googled the definition of “Fascism“.  Wow!  I was flabbergasted!  What the-

The top definition, according to google was:

google screenshot fascism

Extreme right wing“?  Are you kidding me??  Since when were the words “right wing” added to the definition of FASCISM?  Since Soros paid someone to change it at google?


According to google, (who is obviously the EXPERT on fascism), Right Wing is synonymous with “authoritarianism“, “totalitarianism“, and “dictatorship“…  Wow. Really?

So, take the above definition and compare it to the Webster definition, which pointedly expresses “forcible suppression of opposition“.  Which, I’m pretty sure is what RIOTS are all about.  Did anyone see what happened when Milo tried to speak at Berkeley yesterday?  Yea.

Webster highlighted opposition

Do you see what is happening above?  That is not RIGHT WINGANYTHING!  That is leftists liberals committing illegal acts of violence to personal, private and community property and to innocent people.

If you look even a bit further, you see it even talks about BLM (Black Lives Matter) in the REAL definition of Fascism.  BLM definitely puts “race” above any individual.

 Webster highlighted race


They are intolerant to any ideas other than what they have and rather than to have to deal with facts, they would burn their own campus down.  This is “forcible suppression of opposition”, my friends.  The TRUE definition of fascism.

I don’t know how to make it more clear.  Something must be done.  And it must be done quickly and swiftly.  There are consequences for behaviors such as these.

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