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VL is so grateful to all of our followers. We feel like we are part of a great and exciting team all striving together to get to the truth. We especially appreciate all of the tips and information that we get from our readers and watchers.

VL received an email from an anonymous follower regarding Marin/Sonoma County.  We will call this insider BARB.  Barb lived in the area over 20 years, working in the social services field.  Some of the information Barb came to learn was shocking and terrifying.  We have permission to tell Barb’s story.

Barb discovered that many of the “schizophrenics” she was counseling were really satanic ritual abuse victims, tied to a cult. In fact, Barb believes the cult was and still is using the mentally disabled women as a “breeder” of sorts.

What Barb found is that young women, under the age of 40, who were over weight, would never get their periods.  As Barb began to question this, she always got the same answer- “It’s the meds“.  Yet cessation of  menstruation is not a side effect of the meds they were being given.

Barb knew her suspicions were correct when the Marin Sheriff’s department began following her.  Barb explains that law enforcement in the area is totally infiltrated.   Barb claims this coven is connected to Bohemian Grove, though she has not shared her supporting evidence with us at this time.  We are in the process of setting up an interview with Barb, in which more of this information will be exposed.

One particular program which supposedly provides mental health services to children, families and adults, including Family Service Agency’s childhood trauma services, Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling, and family crisis counseling that is supposed to promote wellness and recovery for adults with serious mental illness was/is owned by Michael Aquino.  His mother left it to him in the 1980’s along with 2 other properties.  Michael Aquino is an American political scientist, military officer, and a high-ranking member of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.

Read more interesting information about Michael Aquino in Abel Danger’s article entitled Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military.

According to Barb, this  is where the burned out SRAs (satantic ritual abuse victims), and MK-Ultra operatives were housed. People associated with that program, that Barb mentioned could be of particular interest are (initials provided): Dr. D.A., Dr. L.M., and M.V.  (Actual names were passed along to our FBI insider).

Barb says that Marin County Hospital has been infiltrated with the cult and the staff are using it as a platform to prescribe drugs for the purpose of experimentation. Barb also suspects the impregnated women have timed “mental breakdowns”, so they can be committed for at least 72 hours, for abortions or births.

According to Barb, also connected in Marin are St. Vincent’s School for Boys, Project Care for Children, and the Marin County Child Abuse Counsel.

Barb also strongly suspects the NorCal cult has connections to Washington state. Specifically, the Senior Corp, foster grandparent program of the Catholic Diocese of Yakima, WA.

Barb says the thing that really tipped her off was when she had to sleep overnight at the Group Home, and she began to have very bizarre, lucid dreams.

One night, after watching the “Ghost Hunter” show, Barb thought, “Why don’t I do EVPs and Gauss meter tests here?

OMG, did that open a can of worms! Barb certainly got demonic EVPs, but more importantly, she got off the charts EMF readings, that were obviously artificial.

It turned out to be microwave mind control experiments that were responsible for those “dreams”.  Barb did a video in private, but two of her “mentally ill” residents were outside the door, waiting to reprimand her for finding out ‘something I wasn’t supposed to know‘- in Barb’s own words.

Barb’s conclusion is, the “mentally ill” residents were trained psychic super soldiers, and the EMF was somehow connected to the “implants” they both had.  Barb claims she even felt the implants that were placed under their skin on the sides of their faces and in front of their ears.

Barb claims that after she had the EMF discovery, life got very, very strange for her.  She began to be investigated by the IRS and two tires at a time were popping on her vehicles.

Barb discovered that she seemed to be somewhat immune to the microwave mind control.  She believes this anti-Trump insanity we’re seeing, especially in California, could be connected to it- with microwave control, MSM and drug mind control.  There is a definite attempt to keep the pedo-network concealed. Barb speculates a lot of these violent protesters are MK-Ultra, as well.

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  1. I have researched the Deep State for years now but I am particularly interested in exposing pizza gate because it is so horrible and because I happen to have a good friend from Canada named Steve who used to be a Hollywood actor in some pretty big films back in the 90’s and he had both his kids kidnapped many years ago into these pedo rings. This was about 21 years ago – he never saw them again. They were ages 3 and 4. Allegedly the people involved are now big time Clinton associates from Hollywood running film companies and now prominent Clinton Foundation donors. He’s gone over the story with me a bunch of times and I know this stuff is going on and it really is worse than we know. When I can research it and talk to someone who was actually affected by it, then I can’t help but come to the conclusion that my suspicions of SRA from years ago are now vindicated. It kind of puts me in a unique position. Most people only have the research but do not have the testimony from someone they know personally. You guys are doing some great YouTube interviews now- You should interview him sometime I can put you in touch with him- He’s been blacklisted from Hollywood for numerous years now for not playing ball (seeking justice and exposing SRA). He had met with Ted Gunderson about it years ago. He makes some smaller films now but largely out of that scene. I met him through a mutual friend who was working on some music with me, and he had heard some of the music i made and we became good friends,
    Anyway, great work I can tell you guys do some really good and worthy research. Keep it up! -A.F.

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