EXCLUSIVE!!! MORE Inside Information from CNN Leaker to VL!!

Our confirmed CNN leaker is giving us more information!

The leaker told us today that Shep Smith, from FOX has been calling CNN because he is angling for a job with CNN. Shep Smith, Don Lemon and Cooper Anderson all “hang out in a circle that enjoys teenage boys”, according to our source.  That is hear-say from our source, by the way.  The leaker has never actually seen direct evidence of this, only heard talk of it from others inside the studio.

According to the source, Shep Smith frequently calls CNN and gives them leads. Our source says, “FOX would freak if they knew how much FOX folks (employees of FOX) give CNN personnel inside info on Fox.”

Our source then goes on to talk about Alan Dershowitz also known as ‘AD’ at CNN.  Dershowitz is the lawyer who defended Jeff Epstein during his pedophilia charges.

Our source claims, “All the sudden” Dershowitz is in constant contact with members of CNN and the source says the mood is very tense.

Our leaker claims, “Everyone here is upset Trump is going to go after Jeff Epstein and expose all the people who have been to his Island, and that includes some of CNN’s biggest contacts.”

This is getting ugly fast.  Our source tells us the CNN Producer is currently on the phone to New York Times newspaper to promote the idea that Pedophilia is a disorder, not a criminal issue.  And we have seen that cropping up more and more lately in the MSM.

We must stay vigilant!  We cannot back down!  Pedophilia is a CRIME and it is SICK!


I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve sent James this data just now, as CNN’s pushed us all like slaves lately. They promised a lot of us that we’ll have the next week off. I will send copies of memos asap, but I also apologize about the tardiness in my responses. They’re pushing a major agenda shortly, and all hands must be on deck. Thank you for your patience.

Godspeed, Victurus.
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