What Is The Most Under-Valued Commodity That JP Morgan Is Hoarding?

It is no secret that the precious metals market has been manipulated by a small group of elites for over a decade. In the last few months Deutsche Bank, along with other huge well-known banks, has recently settled lawsuits amounting to over $100 million dollars, for rigging silver and gold prices on so-called open exchanges.

It has now been confirmed that JP Morgan/ Chase bank has been hoarding silver for quite some time.  At this point, they have more than 550 Million ounces of silver…  one may ask, “What are they preparing for?”  Why hoard so much of that particular metal, if the price keeps going down and it is not considered valuable?  Could it be that they are using their status as the SLV custodian to enrich themselves by buying up cheap silver?  

Watch the video below:

Also, take a look at the US Debt Clock, as of the date of this posting (1/5/17):

us debt clock 010517

And take a closer look at SILVER:

us debt clock silver circled

What does this number mean?  I know what it means to me…  it means I’m happy we have invested in a REAL currency and a REAL commodity, as I’m sure JP Morgan knows something we do not.


Posted 1/5/17

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