Social Workers Have The Right To LIE, In Order To Remove Children From Their Homes?

Have you heard of the social workers’ “Right To Lie”?  It’s a Federal case-  ONE STEP away from the Supreme Court.  Case #15-55563.  Feel free to look it up.

It doesn’t seem like many have heard of it, since the “Fake News” aka the Mainstream Media doesn’t think it’s newsworthy.  I guess that means it’s left up to the ARM (Alternative Right Media) to cover such news that actually has the potential to affect literally every single person in America.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard Hardwick v. Vreeken in October 2016, an extension of a long-running court battle involving Deanne Fogarty-Hardwick, her two daughters, and the child welfare system in Orange County, California.

It took Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick 6 ½ years to regain custody of her children in this case, which began in 2000, because two social workers took it upon themselves to commit perjury and present false information in court.


Orange County Social Services social workers Marcie Vreeken and Helen Dwojak filed false reports and held back evidence which would have cleared Fogarty-Hardwick, an Orange County jury found. Vreeken would later be promoted, according to county records.

Vreeken and Dwojak took the case to Appeals court and claim now that social workers have the right to LIE and should be granted immunity.  Attorneys for Vreeken have appealed to the Ninth Circuit based on the argument that while state code might instruct caseworkers not to lie, there is no case law or precedent to suggest that their lying is unconstitutional.

In my opinion, the lawyer representing the lying social workers should have her license to practice law removed for lacking common sense and morals.

See more details HERE and see the actual court hearing here:

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