If This Is Fake News, We Invite You To Explain It #AnswermeAlefantis

Wow.  This Twilight Zone is getting stranger and stranger by the day.  Now, FACTS, emails, artwork, photos and Twitter posts are considered “fake news” to people who are brainwashed enough to still be listening to the Main Stream Media?  Really?

You didn’t learn your lesson when Hillary had a supposed 80% lead in the elections on their channels….  and LOST the election?

You didn’t learn your lesson when the MSM started yelling about Trump’s sexual assaults, only to be proven those women had been PAID by the Hillary campaign?

You didn’t learn your lesson when the MSM reports on ALL the false flags, such as 9-11, when FACTS, first responders and experts have proven over and over no such thing could have happened?

Listen…  I don’t push my beliefs or my truths down anyone’s throats…  but, seriously, the FACTS that are so blatantly obvious on #pizzagate are in our faces.  The MSM is protecting Comet Ping Pong, the same as they protected Hillary.  Do you want to know why???  The MSM is OWNED by the elites.  The SAME elites that are part of Hillary’s “crowd”.  The SAME elites who are part of the pedophilia child sex ring.  The SAME elites who stand to lose EVERYTHING if this actually gets investigated.  They will lose money, clout, political standing, businesses, political positions, and possibly even lives.  Because those snowflakes won’t know what the hell to do if their money can’t buy them out of this mess.

Up until now, money has been their GOD.  It has protected them, given them everything they wanted and needed.  It has allowed them to kill people and get away with it.  It has allowed them to control people and get away with it.  It has allowed them to control the media, and thus what everyone should think, and get away with it.

Are you allowing them to brainwash you?  Are you allowing them to think for you?  Or do you know how to think for yourself?  It seems to me, as I look around, in my “wonderland” that most everyone around me either does not care that they are being brainwashed and used, or they are too brainwashed to even KNOW how brainwashed they are!  Ugh!  It’s unnerving!

Okay, our site has been classified by the MSM as a “fake news” site.  I’m unsure how that term can be tossed around when we have verified emails, photographs, tweets by individuals (which is the same as a quote), and inside people who have actually seen and heard what we are printing.  What part of those things are “fake”?  OH!  It must be the part they don’t want to hear…

VL has been closely following the pedophilia sex ring. We have been closely following #pizzagate.  We have published emails leaked by Wikileaks from and to Podesta regarding the “map” on the “hankerchief” and how wonderful all of their hot dogs and pizza are-  remember “an hour of pizza”??

So, I ask you…  how many of you have LITERALLY eaten pizza for AN HOUR?  Is that even possible?  No.  And if it was possible and you were a millionaire, would you find it necessary to brag about it in an email?  Do millionaires eat pizza???  OR HOT DOGS?

So, just let that part sink into that little spot left for a tiny bit of “critical thinking”…  then toss this in-  the dark web is full of child abuse and pedophilia.  It is well known on the dark web there is a secret language.  This is also well known in the FBI, when they are investigating such things.   The “secret” language on the dark web and in the FBI has been verified as:

  • Dominos = Domination / BDSM
  • Pasta = little boy
  • Cheese = little girl
  • Hotdog = young boy
  • Pizza = young girl
  • Map = semen
  • Sauce = orgy
  • Walnut = African American or African
  • Cheese Pizza or CP = child pornography

So, here is my proposal to Comet Ping Pong, Tony Podesta, John Podesta or anyone else implicated in #PizzaGate.  If you are so wrongly being accused and this is such fake news, answer these questions- with a viable, common sense answer;  and I will print an apology and even go on our YouTube and offer an apology personally.

I will venture to say none of those child molesting losers will touch this with a 10-foot pole.

  1.  Explain what these emails mean.  And if the cheeses were so lovely, are there any pictures of the cheeses?  We would love to see what type of cheeses gets a millionaire so very excited.  Also, wouldn’t a FOOD be devoured rather than demolished…?Cheeses
  2.   Is the NYPD spreading “fake news” and “conspiracies”?
  3.   This guy raised $40k and the regret is…  “no pizza”?  raised 40k regrets no pizza
  4.  Please tell me what type of handkerchief is big enough to contain a “map”.  And please explain to me what a “pizza-related map” is.  If one of you pedophiles could explain this, it would take away much speculation…  Because, according to the dark web, FBI agents, and even Wikipedia, handkerchief  refers to sexual fetishes, while pizza refers to little girls.Podesta MAP email with highlightAnd here are the color codes…  black and white handkerchief with a map?  Does it sound like code talk?  Or an actual handkerchief with a map?  Only those who can think critically can see the truth.handkerchief color codes
  5.  This one I am especially looking forward to someone explaining to me!  I have never personally tried it, but I don’t think it is actually possible to play dominoes on cheese OR pasta.  However, using the code words, this makes perfect sense-  this sicko plans to dominate either a little girl or a little boy.  Such a tough decision.  Just couldn’t decide, huh?  Pathetic sick bastards.  dominoes on cheese or pasta
  6.   Please, anyone who feels this is some kind of witch hunt by the “fake news” sites- explain what this painting is supposed to represent?  This is a painting by Kim Noble, who is one of Alefantis’s favorite artists.  At one time, it allegedly appeared on the walls of the “family friendly” Comet Ping Pong. Does it appear to be some larger (older) human shapes on top of a smaller human shape?  Let me also point out the small square cloth beneath the child- a handkerchief.  They are in many of the paintings by Noble, where children are being depicted as being raped and molested, in some paintings, even killed. Am I the only one who sees something like that?  Now, what do you suppose that represents?  These freaks can actually say with a straight face that people are spreading “lies” about them because they supported Hillary during the election???  And posters such as this mean nothing?  Just normal?  …  Please… poster in comet
  7.   Here is another photo Alefantis posted on his Twitter account.  Please notice his comment “#chickenlover”.   Questions?z9pelxz   chicken lover definition
  8. This one seems especially troubling.  They didn’t even bother to go to the trouble of using code words in this email.  Couple the email with the web site of the grandmother bragging in the header,  “Evelyn is growing up. Soon she will be the queen of the entire US of A. right now, for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut. Take advantage of this now, as  in the future she will have the power of life and death over you.”  If someone would like to talk their way out of THIS one, have at it.  Until then, anyone involved with the Podestas, Comet Ping Pong, the Clintons or basically anyone in the near vicinity of that circle of friends is a disgusting, demoralized, child molesting monster who should be shot.  Just my opinion.Evie's crib
  9.   Look, there are so many more things (images, posts, tweets, videos, etc) I can post, this could go on for days.  All I need is viable answers to just one or two of these questions.  There is just too much that has been avoided and swept under the rug.  Rather than facing this and answering to the questions, they have chosen the typical “victim” status.  Everyone is mistreating them, assuming things, spreading lies…  all because they supported Hillary and the Right wing is so mean and all…


While JimmyComet has recently made his Instagram account private, but DCPizzaGate explained that he obviously does not understand how the world wide web works and gave this archived version.  As I have had to learn, and I’m sure many others have, as well…  once you put something up for the world to see on the WWW, it is pretty difficult to get it back.


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