Are We Perpetuating #Pizzagate Without Realizing It?

I have been closely following #Pizzagate, as most of the world has been lately, and I have to tell you – as a mother and a woman, everything about this scares the hell out of me, makes me so sad and most of all pisses me off beyond words.

After I did the story on #pizzagate, I couldn’t even sleep for many nights afterwards.  I couldn’t get the images or thoughts out of my head.  I cried.  I felt like I had lost all hope for these children.  I was scared for my own children and I didn’t know what to do.  I woke up from nightmares for the next week.  It was horrible.

Then I started hearing some people say this is a “psy op”.  My husband and I have discussed this, as we certainly would never put something like that past the CIA and the government, but the big question remained “Why?”  What would they gain out of this “psy op”?  The question has hung in the air at our house all week.  Suddenly, last night, I was awakened from my sleep with the answer!

At 5 am, when Jim and I both awakened and looked at each other in the bed, I said to him:  “I have the answer to your question!”

He asked me groggily, “What was the question?”

“The question about why they would use #pizzagate  as a psy op!”

And here is my best guess…

The Elites, aka the Satanists aka the pedophiles aka the ones in “charge”, etc…  they thrive on negative emotions and negative vibrations.  They crave fear and hatred and anger-  that is what they survive on.  It may sound like a big science fiction story at this point, but this is true.

If the elites are losing power, it’s because the world is waking up.  More and more people are learning to forgive and let things go.  We are learning to love one another and help one another.  We are seeing the main people who are evil and who we need to be scared of are part of the government-  we are learning who our enemies are.  More people are meditating and getting back to family and prayer.  That means the downfall of the evil ones.

But, if they use an obvious story-  throw it in our faces, about small helpless children being abused, beaten, mutilated, raped and sold… that would stimulate much emotion.  That is the way they would generate the most hate and anger possible- by using children who have no voices.  We all feel we must be their voices, we must save the children-  and I still agree, WE MUST!  However, we need to think through this critically and logically.  Sure, this should get us emotionally-  otherwise, we would be as cold and heartless as the ones doing this to the children, but we must also realize that we need to ban together and send LOVE and positive vibrations to these children.

It makes perfect sense to me now-  that is why Soros got that joke of a reporter, Megyn Kelly, to interview Alefantis and really juice up what a victim he is and how terrible people are treating him!  That just stoked the fire.  People got twice as angry then!  This is feeding those evil ones.  They are literally feeding on our anger and fear and hate.  I refuse to feed them anymore.

Being awakened is not about fear and it is certainly not about anger or hate.  It is about being aware of your surroundings and being aware of the fact that we are more powerful than anyone ever told us we are.

Look, I am not here promoting any particular type of religion or spirituality.  I am promoting positive and loving thoughts and positive and loving vibrations.  If you pray-  that sends love and positive vibrations out into the universe.  Good for you!  PRAY!

If you meditate, that also sends love and positive vibrations out into the universe.  Good for you!  MEDITATE!

If you manifest things, that sends love and positive vibrations out into the universe.  Good for you!  GO MANIFEST PEACE AND LOVE!

Whatever it is that you do, and however you label it, I think it is all the same thing and gets us the same result.  I know this is a fine line.  I know it’s a gray area, and I don’t have all the answers, but I definitely don’t want to feel like I did after I did the #pizzagate story.  That was terrible.  I can’t do that, and it doesn’t feel right to “dis-associate” from something this important.

If you have any other ideas or thoughts, please let us know.  In the meantime, don’t forget to give love!  😉


Posted 12/22/16

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