What Will November 9th Look Like for We, The People?

What will an America under Hillary look like?

Lets consider what happens when we wake up on November 9th, and God forbid, Hillary wins. Well, the 80 million who have fought hard to keep this shedevil out of the White House will be under surveillance, courtesy of Twitter, Facebook and Google.  Just like Obama weaponized the IRS to target conservatives, the big tech companies will be working in tandem with the pedophiles in power to commit genocide on Christians, patriots, freedom fighters, ordinary families, and anybody else who does not endorse their satanic agenda.
The devil is loose on earth, and his handmaiden wears ugly pantsuits… and is already making plans to silence our voices.  On Nov 9th, if the witch wins, police will wake up knowing there is a 4-year open hunting season being declared on law enforcement.  Cops will be ambushed, military will be used as cannon fodder when Hillary declares war on Russia.  And she WILL.  
On November 9th, vets will wake up and know they are in for more abandonment, and if you think the VA is bad now, wait till you see Hillary cut funds for our vets because she considers them traitors for voting Trump.
On November 9th, Isis will be throwing a bar-b-que, and doing a victory dance. On Nov 9th, Hillary’s influence peddling goes into overdrive. She will sell our natural resources, and she will open our borders.
On November 9th, parents will wake up and slowly realize the pedophiles in power plan to wage a war on their children. Child sex exploitation will triple. Interns seeking work in DC will be subjected to all sorts of pressure to join the Political pedophile ring. Satanism could very well end up being the dominate religion of America. Lawlessness will fester.
Hillary does not obey the law, therefore millions of Americans will ask “If she does not respet the laws, why should I?”
Basically, on November 9th, either World War 3 begins… or we have a civil war.
Hillary wants to topple Assad. She wants a huge hot war with Russia. She does not love America.  She hates us, the People, and she will step over our corpses to achieve her power climb.  This is a warning. Things are about to get ugly, and I am praying the right thing happens and our brave men and women who have started this truth war can find their strength to continue to fight for our withering country.  Either way, we have a civil war, but Trump is with us- the working poor, the middle class, the cops, the FBI, the veteranss, the common folks, the Nationalists…. I have a feeling something crazy happens on Monday, so stay tuned, my friends. 
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