Trumps cabinet

Some of President Trump’s Team Leaked

This information has been given to VL by some insiders in the Trump campaign and close friends to Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani, who is the former New York mayor, has stood by Mr Trump throughout the whole campaign, (impressing the incoming president with his loyalty), has been selected as the new Attorney General, according to these sources.  Mr. Giuliani has aggressive plans for the Clinton Foundation to ramp up the investigation.

Here are some of the other cabinet positions that have been decided, according to our sources:

  • FBI Director:  Trey Gowdy
  • Head of Homeland Security:  Lt. General Michael Flynn
  • Head of Health and Human Services:  Dr. Ben Carson

At the time of this writing, Trump has spoken to Netanyahu and has said there would be “adjustments” made to their relationship.

Trump has plans to work with Putin and Iran to defeat Isis.  Obviously, Israel is furious at this news.


Giuliani and Trump have discussed when Giuliani becomes Attorney General, he plans to prosecute Hillary and the Clinton Foundation and also go after Podesta, CNN and other networks for criminal collusion under the largest RICO prosecution ever.

Trump is being told the corruption extends to Republicans as well. Both Rudy and Trump understand it’s a populist uprising and they know the people desire a full scale investigation into HRC and the Clinton Foundation.

There is still a small possibility that Obama will pardon HRC, but then both Obama’s legacy and the Clinton legacies will be tainted forever.

There is even word of a re-investigation of Hillary’s emails (YES, a THIRD one) starting in late January.  Trump wants MORE FBI agents investigating Clinton Foundation and that crooked network.

Trump also believes he has a chance to destroy the lying media that deceives us all.

CNN, NY Times, and Washington Post are his main targets for Mainstream Media corruption and collusion.

Posted 11/10/16

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