Cicada 3301’s Strange Prophecy Back In June 2016

There have been many shadow revolutionaries in this fight for truth and justice- Wikileaks, Guccifer one and two, James O’Keiffe, as well as the many sleuths on 4chan and reddit who uncovered the huge worldwide pedophile ring about to be investigated.

But, way back in June, before any of this happened, Cicada 3301 posted a strange prophecy on the deep web. “Those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be destroyed with truth”.

It certainly seems like someone knew something big was about to happen.  How did they see this coming?

Maybe the spirit of God moves through them… Maybe it was a lucky guess… Maybe they had access to all the stuff Wikileaks dumps before anyone else.  We may never know.

In the coming days, Trump will need to investigate, and prosecute the wicked cabal who has infested our political system. There will be a blowback.

There will be attempts to obstruct justice. But, those who chose to live in lies are being ripped to pieces by the truth.

Please spread the word and lets salute the patriots at Cicada 3301 !

Posted 11/10/16


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