Cicada 3301 released this message on June 1st, when the world still seemed normal. It appears prophecy, since this one statement predates FBI Anon, WikiLeaks, Guccifer DC Leaks, etc.

It is from June 1st, a month before FBI Anon…3 months before any mention of huge leaks, corruption, tyranny…

“Those who would destroy us with lies will themselves be destroyed by truth.”

cicada 3301

Think about that. Cicada 3301 was warning our oppressors they were on notice, and they were the first ones on earth to do so…

This article is about the Clinton Pedophile ring and how we think we have connected the dots. VL broke the story, but now it’s being confirmed by former State Dept. officials, various alternative news sites, and now Alex Jones.

We have even more information to share. We source our stories directly through insiders- FBI, Pentagon, OPM, county officials, former Intel operatives, HRC Campaign insiders, etc…

Victurus Libertas has broken 6 major stories this year. In July, we reported that Clinton Foundation was going to be exposed through an entity called Cicada 3301 working in concert with FBI insiders. The plan was to expose the Clinton crime family. A month later, the story broke. But our subscribers had the story first.  Look on our Youtube channel for the video from July 27th, when nobody was even talking about the Clinton Foundation.

Next, we broke the story that FBI was in chaos, when nobody in MSM even knew. Then, we exposed the Donna Brazile and Hillary blow out-  which was later confirmed by reporter Bill Still, who interviewed witnesses and NBC production staff.

Next, we broke the story of the County of LA secretly preparing people for a large earthquake. The quake has not yet happened, but the LA times confirmed local Government was planning to warn their folks to bug out before the population could evacuate.

Next, we broke the whole Clinton Sex Ring/Weiner story, which was confirmed by a former State Department insider, who made his own video about it. Now, WikiLeaks is also confirming it.

So, here we go…

The explosive material found on Anthony Weiner’s computer is being leaked by dozens of detectives from NYPD. It’s also being leaked by FBI Anonymous, who is a friend of this channel.

Weiner SOLD access to the Clinton server to Israel, who in turn sold access to Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and Saudis sold it to Qatar. Qatar was hacked buy China, who then had access to the server, according to our sources.

Alan Dershowitz is tied into brokering the deal, and he is the key element, since he was a close friend of Anthony Weiner, but also represented Jeffery Epstein on his child molestation charges.

Sources tell us Mossad used the sickening child porn videos found on Wiener’s computer to blackmail the politicians, celebrities and lobbyists who visited the island known as “Sex Slave Island”. They were able to extort the Royal Family in England, Bill Clinton, senators, congressmen, and so on.

The whole island was one big blackmail operation. Over 40 cameras were positioned to catch every disgusting perversion. It’s an international pedophile ring at the highest corridors of power.

Alan Dershowitz works with Gloria Allred. Gloria has paid out money to two women to accuse Trump falsely.

An ex-apprentice star named Summer Zervos, was paid $45,000 by Gloria Allred to make false allegations. She told her best friend she will be paid half a million dollars to lie about Trump regarding groping. Allred and Dershowitz conspired to do this, because if the Weiner tapes go public, Dershowitz goes to prison for espionage and child molestation.

Allred received money from Dershowitz and had enlisted her daughter, Lisa Bloom, to promote the false rape victim, according to inside sources. Lisa Bloom cancelled her event yesterday, after FBI were ready to pounce on her in public, and charge her with conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Obama is getting furious at Loretta Lynch, as the scandal threatens to drown his “legacy”!

Our FBI insider told us if the full scope of the horrors are exposed, the American and British Governments would “fold like cheap lawn-chairs.”

FBI Anon also told us “Hillary has lost all her power. Even if she wins, she will be indicted.” This is the final straw that broke the camel’s back. What comes next is a potent mixture of treason, espionage and pedophilia.

Cicada 3301 has a program called CAKES – it has a new name and the platform is being used by Intel and law enforcement to report their corrupt superiors.  FBI is working with WikiLeaks, as is the NYPD.

We are all working together to free our nation from this stranglehold of sin, deception and oppression.

There is a lot to digest here, I know, but we are all one family now. WikiLeaks, FBI, decent police, and everyday Americans.

Let’s support the FBI agents, NYPD officers and other whistle blowers, who are heroes to bring this stuff out. They deserve our support. In 100 years, we may look back and build shrines and statues to these patriots.



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