Sick Podesta Emails Reveals Baby Girls Rather Than Baby Boys as Gifts

Code names for Child Pedophilia is below.  This can verified anywhere on the world wide web-  google, dark web, etc… :

  • Dominos = Domination / BDSM
  • Pasta = little boy
  • Cheese = little girl
  • Hotdog = young boy
  • Pizza = young girl
  • Map = minor attracted person or semen
  • Walnut = African American or African



Oh, look!  Herbert Sandler was sooo surprised and excited to get “cheeses” rather than “pastas” and “sauces”.  Sick, twisted bastards!  This makes me so sick, I am in the bathroom over the toilet right now!  This becomes a personal vendetta for every single woman with any inkling of motherly instincts at this point!!!  These gross, sick, nasty vile beings must go down…



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