Snopes- The Biggest Source of DISinformation. See Snopes DEBUNKED!

I’ve known for quite a while that Snopes is nothing more than a media outlet/puppet for leftist global propaganda owned by George Soros.  I laugh to myself every time I see a political post on a social media and it’s immediately followed up with “Snopes says that is not true”.

I will say, at one time, I, too would go to Snopes to verify if a story had truth or not, but definitely not in the past few years, since Obama has been in office.  The first time I began to doubt Snopes and do my own research was when I had an Executive Order right in front of me and had JUST READ it, however, Snopes denied it.  How can you say something is false when it’s right there on in black and white??

Since that day, it has only gotten worse and time and time again Snopes has been “snoped” and found to be inaccurate.  In fact, at one time I thought charges were being brought up against Snopes…  I guess their puppetmaster must have gotten them out of that hot water, when she put them on her payroll.

All of this comes up because yesterday we found out that VL had been SNOPED!!  Okay, we had a good laugh about it and frankly, we were a little flattered- Snopes is known world wide!  Anyone who is informed KNOWS Snopes is a DISinformation site anyway, right?

Well, just in case…  I wanted to break it down for you to show you how Snopes talks in circles, just like it’s owner, in order to make the truth look skewed.

This is the Snopes Story about our VL story titled  “Temper! Temper!  Hillary Goes on Rampage For Over an Hour – Throwing Glass at Staffer’s Head”

In the Snopes article, they stated

ORIGIN:Rumors holding that Hillary Clinton had a “meltdown,” threw a water glass at a staffer, and engaged in a curse-filled tirade following NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum with have been circulating since the Democratic presidential nominee participated in that forum, which aired on 7 September 2016. While these rumors do seem to be rooted in a little truth — the Clinton campaign was not happy with the questions Lauer asked (or didn’t ask) during the event &mdash claims that Clinton threw a “hissy fit” are unfounded. 

First of all, I am curious what does “While these rumors do seem to be rooted in a little truth” mean??  They don’t seem to go into that at all.

Next, Snopes goes into their “debunking” of our post, stating

The web site Victurus Libertas was the first to promulgate this rumor, publishing an article entitled “Temper! Temper! Hillary Goes on Rampage for Over An Hour — Throwing Glass at Staffer’s Head.” Although Victurus Libertas linked to credible reports from NY Mag  and Yahoo! News which explained that Clinton’s campaign was miffed with Lauer for not fact-checking Donald Trump during the event, they cited Politicoas their source for the claim that Clinton had thrown a water glass at a staffer

ACTUALLY, we NEVER cited Politico as our SOURCE.  Our source was an actual HRC Campaign INSIDER who leaked information directly to us.

This is exactly what I wrote in our article:

According to inside sources, after the town hall with Matt, Hillary went ballistic, throwing a huge tantrum, with personal calls to Comcast executives, the parent company of NBC Universal.  I guess they got the message with all of the ridiculous headlines to follow over the next couple of days.

That is the point where I referenced NYMag and Yahoo headlines.  NEVER did I EVER say I was getting information from those sources.  In fact, since those media outlets are also owned by Soros, I would never believe anything they publish anyway…  SNOPES, just FYI.  Those sources are about as credible as Snopes.  That is why I laughed about their headlines about such backlash about the “horrible” way Killary was treated during the Commander in Chief Forum.

I went further to say, in that article “It is reported Hillary then screamed at everyone for close to an hour and staffers felt like she was having a “Hitler-like rage down”.

That was reported directly by our HRC Campaign insider.

And later in the article I wrote “Staffers at HRC campaign report that they scared of her, and one described Hillary as “an out of control psychopath”.

Once again-  reported directly by our HRC Campaign insider.

And lastly, the best quote of all…  that I certainly would never see in Yahoo, NYMag nor Politico:

Donna Brazile was singled out by Hillary during the rant.  Donna was told “You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting fucking Lauer get away with this betrayal?  Get the fuck to work janitoring this mess- do I make myself clear???”

Guess who told VL THAT quote???  NOT a mainstream media source, but a CREDIBLE source-  our insider who works side by side with Killary and was there to witness the meltdown.

So, there you have it.  SNOPES, the source of DISinformation proven.

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