See Leaked Emails PROVING Killary Created and Armed ISIS

I have already posted telling my friends that Killary is the Mother of ISIS.  I have even more proof to back up this statement.  I know for those of you who are already awake, this is not new.  But, for those who are still in the infant stages of awakening, I know hearing the truth is sometimes uncomfortable.  It unravels the very threads of all you have ever been taught and all you have ever known as your existence.  Trust me, it is better to know the truth.  Once the “craziness” of it all wears off, and you start to process what is actually happening, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will begin to notice more people awakening and you will feel more at ease little by little…

With that said, here we go!

As we know, Wikileaks has done a fantastic job of sharing TRUTH and exposing Killary this year.  The bombs just keep dropping- but, this time, instead of Killary dropping them on innocent civilians, they are being dropped on HER!  TRUTH BOMBS!  My favorite kind!

According to Wikileaks, Hillary and Barack Obama are absolutely the creators of ISIS.  They not only created them, trained them, and funded them, but also are arming them.  You want to know why Obama and Killary are both so gung ho to start a war with Russia?  It’s because Putin knows they created ISIS and he is ready and able to take ISIS out.  That is the LAST thing Obama and Killary want…  despite what they say.

In the excerpt from a secret classified memo sent to Killary and Obama in August of 2012, you can clearly see below there was an extreme warning against the creation and arming, and then allowing this terrorist group to run wild.  The warnings were ignored.

ISIS excerpt

This leaked memo proves Obama and Killary saw this information in 2012, which was just before ISIS rose to their prominence, which is where they have remained for four years.

Click to see full size full report below:

ISIS memo

Next comes the proof of Hillary creating and arming ISIS.  This comes from documents showing she approved weapon sales to ISIS while she was Secretary of State.

Killary authorized the shipment of American-made weapons to Qatar- a Muslim Brotherhood nation who works with Libyan rebels.  When she funded them, it was to take over Qaddafi, but that plan failed miserably.

Once Killary’s “good rebels,” toppled Qaddafi, they joined forces with terrorist groups and carried out the Benghazi attacks.  Are you getting the concept now?  The very people Killary provided weapons to, carried out the Benghazi attacks on our own soldiers.  When I call Killary a murderer, I mean it by every aspect of the word.

The leaked email below from Killary to the Terrorists is hoping all went well for them!  And patting herself on the back, bragging about how PROUD she is.  This is a sick individual.

ISIS hope it goes well

You are seeing this with your own eyes, yet Killary expects you to believe her WORDS over what you are seeing.  She sees all of us as idiots, who will blindly believe anything she spews.   She looks us all in the face and lies even when leaked documents prove that her actions and policies funded and armed ISIS- the group who has grown into a global jihadi network that has more than 50,000 followers.

This Killary and Obama funded terrorist group continues to carry out attacks on American soil, as well as infiltrating nearly all of Europe.

To see more leaked emails, please go to .  The emails referenced are E-mails 22518, 8622, 12376, 11295, 8477, 20439, 14232, 14975

Please continue to spread TRUTH.  Help expose Hillary Clinton for the lies she tells, for the evil she does and push to make sure she is NOT above the law and she is punished for her crimes against humanity.


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