LA Times Vetted VL, Only To Find Information Is ACCURATE About CA Earthquakes!

The video below was created and added to Youtube by Victurus Libertas yesterday-  October 1st, 2016.  We got quite a lot of flack from this video, which we published simply to warn people.  We actually have family who lives in California and we not only fear for the safety of them, but for any fellow living brother or sister.  That’s how Victurus Libertas operates.

 In the comments, we found some very interesting information…  For instance, we found that the LA Times had originally planned to do a short human interest story on conspiracies on the internet yesterday.  The LA Times were tipped off to our video, so they decided to vet the information and try to “de-bunk” us.  It turns out VL shocked the LA Times, as well as scientists who were doing the investigations, with our accuracy!  What the LA Times found was there are lots of emergency drills being conducted in secret, – which VL reported a month ago!  And LA Times now also has an open investigation into this story.  you can see the full LA Times story that was done BECAUSE of Victurus Libertas HERE.

Following are the comments that led to this article.
Katie Marie commented:
“Victurus Libertas, Actually swarms are a positive thing. With each small tremor is a release of pressure that has built up along the fault.This can lessen scale/severity of a potential 5+ quake as it allows for disbursement of energy gradually .This happened here in NorCal in spring -a 200+ swarm & things are all good. sounds like the LA times is pushing panic. Always a sign they are trying to distract us from something really important! How about this: Illinois state is voting on weather they will have the governor to appoint a 20 member Islamic state council so the Muslim community has its own separate say and influence and vote on state legislature…SHARIA Council is SHARiA LAW in CHICAGo Not sure if you live in or from Cali, but thanks all the same for the concern! Cheers for that!”
Kate Linthicum followed up with THIS response:
Actually, thats incorrect. The Salton Sea area has experienced all sorts of mud flapping and micro quakes, and swarms are very bad news in areas of volcanic activity, no exceptions. I work with Rong-Gong Lin , the writer of the LA Times story that broke this yesterday. The Times had originally wanted to do a short human interest story on conspiracy theories on the internet, and after being tipped off to this video, we decided to put the rumors to an accuracy test. Oddly enough, it seems this Victurus Libertus operator has some decent sources and he reported accurately. We investigated his claim of “increasing concern” among the science community in regards to imminent large quakes and what we found shocked us, which is why we ran the story. What we discovered was general alarm bells going off among not just seismologists, but vulcanologists concerned with recent flare ups in the area. We have been made aware of emergency drills being conducted in secret, and we also have an open investigation into this story, so if you hear anything, please comment.The Los Angeles Times does not fear monger. The paper stands by its reporting. Los Angeles is likely to see a large quake in its immediate future.
 Please continue to follow Victurus Libertas for all of the important information on the internet, as it turns out our sources are “right as rain”!  🙂
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