Joint Bank Accounts for Clintons and DNC? More Leaked Emails

I’m not sure what type of country the United States has become-  apparently, the MOST corrupt and oppressive country in the world…  including collusion between the DNC and Clinton campaign.  Is that still illegal by U.S. laws and by the DNC’s own rules… or….  only illegal for SOME?  Or only NOT illegal for the Clintons?  Seriously?  How much more can the people take before there is an all-out revolution?

The newly leaked email by Wikileaks was sent by Robby Mook, who is Clinton’s presidential campaign manager.

Wikileaks Clinton DNC joint account

IF the newly censored internet has not taken this down by now, click HERE  to see the full email from Wikileaks.  If you click to go to the Wikileaks site and they have removed this email, please contact me, as I have copied and saved it.


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