Hillary’s 33,000 DELETED EMAILS To Be Leaked By FBI Insiders

Here at Victurus Libertas, we have been busy talking to Anonymous, and multiple insiders.  We already knew the leaks that everyone blames on the Russians are actually leaks coming from within our own Government.  However, our sources want to make it very clear that everyone understands this.  All of the mainstream media (as well as Killary) is purposely blaming Russia, so we can easily start a war with them.

 According to anonymous sources, “All 33,000 deleted emails are going to be released November 1, probably in 4–5 sets, these emails are going to be the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so they cannot have time to replace Hillary.”  

“Also we are NOT Russian, despite what CNN tells you, we already have inside info that Obama is literally going to start a war with Russia to cover up the crimes that are in the emails,” 

By the way…  did anyone see THIS warning?  WE ARE NOW IN DEFCON 3.  CODE YELLOW.

These leaks mean Obama and Hillary will be held for treason then end up with the same terrorists they have influenced – by this time next year.

Hillary knows once the emails get released she’s done.  Obama also knows he will go down with her and that is why he is willing to start a war to start to draw attention away from their crimes.

These emails about to be released in the next two weeks, will be so much worse than the pathetic “grasping-at-straws” tape they dug up for Trump.  By the way, there are six Killary videos being released, also.   One documents Hillary being racist against a female African-American.  The amount of hatred seen in her face for their community will be a wake up call for anyone who is still a Killary supporter.

There are also documents and videos coming this week, according to sources, that will demolish the Democratic Party, specifically HRC’s campaign. Sources claim the Democratic party has been caught on camera committing felonies. The kind that makes voter fraud that have already been released, look like a jaywalking ticket.  Among them, apparently, there are bribes and threats  to control the media and election officials.

Wikileaks, Cicada 3301, Anonymous, DCleaks, Guccifer, are all connected.   In 2015, a software program called Cakes was developed so insiders could report on Government corruption.  See below:


This program is now connected to Wikileaks and Anonymous and allows honest  Government insiders to STOP TYRANNY!  Much of the government, and at this time, especially the Democratic party are in full panic because CAKES has allowed FBI agents, DOJ staff, military, etc… to report CRIME being committed by our officials, law makers, and politicians.

CAKES is the single most important tool to fight corruption- ever. Not even the NSA can crack it.  The mainstream media is about to be exposed in a big way- because now, reporters who have information can contact Wikileaks directly and they will be linked to CAKES.  The program is a perfect way for whistle blowers to expose corruption without themselves becoming victims.

The FBI anon who posted on 4chan on July 5th was hinting at this, and said Cicada 3301 was a Pentagon program. What he did not say is that our patriotic military is using CAKES to stop domestic enemies within our OWN Government and that means enemies within our OWN political system!

In other words, the leaks the democrats are blaming on Russia are actually coming from patriots within our Government!  Wikileaks has now connected this corruption directly to the administration and its clear our media is the largest terror cell on the planet.  Bought and paid for by corrupt politicians and elites.

Cicada 3301’s revolutionary software program forces Government to play fair or be exposed. It’s up to everyone to help spread the word.  The second American revolution has begun and it is up to We The People to protect the whistle blowers in our own government.  These folks are HEROES, folks!  Thank God for FBI anonymous whistle blowers, Cicada 3301, Wikileaks, Anonymous and Guccifer 2 !

Keep checking back for updates!  We will release information as it is leaked to us.


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