Government Gearing Up For Unrest, Complete With Martial Law Drills

I got this information from .  Very interesting information, and it has been confirmed as accurate by our inside source.

Now, I’ve been saying this all along.  There is really no win for We, The People.  Here are the scenarios:  1.  TRUMP WINS:  The Elites freak out, know they are losing power and will do literally anything out of desperation to cause any division and unrest they possibly can.  They will unleash all their beasts and blame any negative impacts on Trump.  -OR-

2.  KILLARY WINS:  The people who have educated themselves and know the only way she could get into office is by rigging and cheating will RISE UP.  There will be a revolution.

Either way…  we are in for a very stormy ending to 2016.

This article from confirms all that I have been saying all along.

So, according to inside sources, it appears that the current corrupt government system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence and chaos at rallies and poll stations.  There is also the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied, should Killary get into office.  The current system is preparing to use military force and martial law.  There are drills going on now.

The drills could, of course, go live at any time; Homeland Security and the military are prepared to contend with a period of unrest, and restore order to a divided and broken country – regardless of whether people like their new leader or not.  They are prepared to shove Killary down our throats.

As you know, DHS is already monitoring this election and prepared to take over its ‘critical infrastructure’. It seems things are in place to make the drill go live on or around October 30th – spanning til 30 days after the election.   The suspected Region will initially be the Northeast, specifically New York.

1st Phase:  NROL (No Rule of Law) – drill involving combat arms in metro areas (active and reserve).  Source says active duty and reserve service members are being vaccinated as if they are being deployed in theatre.

2nd Phase:  LROL (Limited Rule of Law) – Military/FEMA consolidating resources, controlling water supply, handing out to public as needed.

3rd Phase:  AROL (Authoritarian Rule of Law) – Possible new acronym or term for “Martial Law”.  Curfew, restricted movements, basically martial law scenario.

SHTF Sources said exercise involves FEMA/DHS/Military.

The following excerpt was directly from SHTF:

FORT CHAFFEE, ARKANSAS — Carnis Village is what the Army National Guardcalls it. A mock American town which even contains dummy citizens for domestic training purposes. Located on the grounds of the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center, the massive training compound is likely a dead-ringer clue foreshadowing the grim path we are now traversing as a nation.


The center at Ft. Chaffee seems eerily similar to any given US downtown location. There is a church, not a mosque. There is a bank that has a drive in ATM and even has the triangle of the local Arvest Bank. There are townhouses, a city hall, a two story high school with boys and girls restrooms and more.

The fine details of the facility make it quite obvious to myself that this site was set up for domestic warfare training proposes or for a westernized nation that shares a similar culture of architecture to that of America.

See pictures HERE.


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