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Was Hillary’s Latest Ill Health Episode Really a Grand Mal Seizure?

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has probably been following Hillary Clinton’s deteriorating health for the past year.  She has definitely tried to hide it-  makes you feel good about how “transparent” her administration would be is she were elected, right?

The Clinton campaign has insisted the nominee has no serious health problems and that attention to the issue amounts to “right-wing conspiracy-mongering.”

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed how many times her campaign has changed their story about what type of “innocent” illness she has each and every time she has been in the public eye.  Apparently Zero Hedge can see the discrepancies, as well:

Zerohedge.com reports:

Having stated that her coughing fit last week was due to her suffering from seasonal allergies, and that this morning’s fainting episode was due to ‘overheating’, the Clinton campaign now once again changed the constantly changing narrative, releasing a shocking statement by Hillary’s doctor, according to which she was diagnosed pneumonia on Friday, which in turn made her “dehydrated.”

From coughing fits, to having allergies…  from being over heated to pneumonia.  And we KNOW none of these are the actual truth-  in the meantime, Dr. Drew’s show is getting canceled because he expressed concern for her health…  While our insiders are telling us at VL that the incident that happened at the 9/11 Memorial was actually a Grand mal seizure and that Hillary is still in the hospital.

Wow.  And now the DNC has had an emergency meeting to discuss taking Hillary off the ballot.  Why?  Pneumonia doesn’t heal?  …  Or could it be more than pneumonia-  like the rest of the country already knows?

This move by the DNC to replace Hillary last minute would be unprecedented, but despite the fact some states are already voting and most have certified ballots, the precedents that do exist suggest Dems could still pull off a nominee swap.  A move like that could clear the way for someone like Vice President Joe Biden.

And according to the DNC bylaws, the party does have the authority to replace Clinton:

Article 2, section 1 of the Rules and Bylaws of the Democratic Party states that the DNC has the authority to fill vacancies in the nominations for president and vice president. “The Democratic National Committee shall have general responsibility for the affairs of the Democratic Party between National Conventions, subject to the provisions of the Charter and to the resolutions or other official actions of the National Convention. This responsibility shall include, but not be limited to … Filling vacancies in the nominations for the office of the President and Vice President,” reads Article 2.1(c).

Article 2, section 7 states, ” a special meeting to fill a vacancy on the National ticket shall be held on the call of the Chairperson, who shall set the date for such meeting in accordance with the procedural rules provided for in Article Two, Section 8(d) of these Bylaws.” Article 2, section 8(d) reads, “all questions before the Democratic National Committee shall be determined by majority vote of those members present and voting in person or by proxy.”

David Shuster is reporting that operatives within  the Democrat Party are planning a “crisis summit” to search for a Hillary alternative, but their efforts might be too little, too late, as ballots have already been printed in many states and early voting begins in just a few weeks.

Shuster claims a source told him the move to kick her off the ballot stems from a combination of her hiding her health issues for at least three days prior to the collapse, and louder demands for Hillary to release her health records, as Donald Trump’s doctor has already released a letter stating he is in good health.

In my opinion, it takes an extremely selfish person to spend a year raising millions of dollars, campaigning for president KNOWING her health is fragile, at best…  only to retract at the last moment, while the next person slapped on ballot has not had any of the exposure or funding.  But, that’s just me…

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