Temper! Temper- part 2! More Leaks From Hillary Staffers About Hitler-Type Meltdown

Before I could even get my last article out, I had more HRC Staffers leaking information to me about her Hilter-Type Meltdown.

VL was told Hillary screamed at Donna Brazile: “Are you chewing your cud again?”

Hillary refers to Donna as the Brown Cow.

Last week, Hillary demanded “anything and everything” on Jullian Assange.  Hillary has her staffers planning to use the tag “Rape Journalism” to describe Assange.  Hillary has also instructed her staffers to accuse Assange of being a ‘Russian Proxy“.  This will fall in line nicely with her accusing the Russians of hacking into the servers and exposing her leaked emails…  Nevermind that fact that she was passing hundreds of thousands of classified documents on an UNSECURED server…  no…  that could NEVER be HER fault!  (Hillary’s agenda is to start a war with Russia.  Since the USD is certain to plummet, likely by the end of the year, that will be the only way to make money for the elites.)

Donna was the point person on the Assange attack, but now Hillary hates her and blames Donna for blowing it- by letting Matt go “Rogue” on her at the Commander in Chief Forum earlier this week, when Killary had a major meltdown, throwing a glass at a staffer’s head and narrowly missing.

An HRC Staffer Insider told VL Killary was heard speaking directly to a man named “Jeff” and she was assured he would “fix” things ASAP for her.  This staffer believes the person HRC was speaking to was Jeff Bezos, who runs Washington Post.

We’ll keep you updated as the leaks continue to pour in!

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